Reflections in the Glass Ceiling

Written by John M McKee

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success inrepparttar workplace. While it still showed up onrepparttar 144650 results,repparttar 144651 traditional 'boys club' was not considered their biggest impediment to upward mobility. The survey results showed that women now recognize that they are their own worst enemy. These professionals identifiedrepparttar 144652 barriers affecting them to be: 37.9% - a lack of self-promotion, 19.4% - having children, 18.8% - outside work commitments, 18.6% - gender discrimination, 5.4% - other women. Based onrepparttar 144653 feedback I get directly when asking similar questions to clients, I believe this study is applicable on this side ofrepparttar 144654 Pacific. Let's Considerrepparttar 144655 #1 Reason - Over many years as a senior executive inrepparttar 144656 United States and Canada, it became clear to me that women often wait to be noticed. It seems they get so caught up inrepparttar 144657 day-to-day challenges of their work that 'promoting' themselves and what they accomplish is left atrepparttar 144658 bottom ofrepparttar 144659 pile. Men understandrepparttar 144660 importance of self promotion in general. And they use it better. While women often engage solely onrepparttar 144661 work at hand, and believe that a good result will speak for itself; some of their men colleagues will take advantage of whatever opportunity arises to make their case and get some 'face time' withrepparttar 144662 boss. I've seen talented and accomplished women passed over for advancement because of this lack of awareness and action. Think things aren't really like this? Considerrepparttar 144663 following two examples and reflect on how immediately they are familiar: Situation A - Emily and Brian are two executives working in commercial real estate; each one just had a good month, closing deals worth $2 million. Atrepparttar 144664 regular month-end meeting,repparttar 144665 boss cites each of them for great results. Emily is pleased & credits her success to great teamwork. Brian acceptsrepparttar 144666 praise from his boss and states his plans to close another great deal this month. What'srepparttar 144667 boss' likely impression? "Emily is a great team player - but Brian is a real go-getter." Situation B - Quarterly earnings are down 50%. The boss calls a meeting to consider new ideas to pushrepparttar 144668 results ahead. Rose, who has a quiet voice, suggests almost tentatively an idea that could be a winner. The management group discusses it aroundrepparttar 144669 table and one of them, Josh, really supportsrepparttar 144670 idea. He's assertive in his dialog and passionately defends it. Rose's idea is adopted, but Josh gets credit forrepparttar 144671 idea. The boss even refers to it as "Josh's project." While Rose's contribution will be remembered by those who care for her, Josh leaves this meeting viewed as a great idea man. So, in summary: You cannot afford to sit back and hope someone will notice your contributions in today's environment. And secondly, developrepparttar 144672 skill & learn to talk about your achievements inrepparttar 144673 workplace. Talk about your work torepparttar 144674 right people. This does not mean lowering your standards. It's just recognizingrepparttar 144675 reality ofrepparttar 144676 environment you've chosen.

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Written by jinsong

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