Refine Your Company's eNewsletter to Increase Its Viral Potential

Written by Jerrilynn B. Thomas

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Business Worksheet for Refine Your Company's eNewsletter to Increase Its Viral Potential

1.] Date for your enewsletter relaunch.

2.] Think of a new name for your enewsletter.

3.] What problem(s) does your business solve for your clients?

4.] Create at least 4 powerful headlines to showcaserepparttar main articles for your upcoming issues. Tip: Use a question for your headline - Do YOU Need A PR Makeover To Make YOURSELF Newsworthy?

5.] Make a list of unique resource information your target audience would find useful. Example: PR Savvy Female Entrepreneur (, a monthly enewsletter published byrepparttar 124367 Women's News Bureau, provides a list of special days, weeks, and months businesswomen can incorporate into their press releases to make them newsworthy.

6.] Think of special discounts or trial offers for each of your products and service that you can offer to your subscribers. Remember that they have to be exciting enough for them to pass your newsletter on their business associates. Everyone loves to be inrepparttar 124368 spotlight. Showcase one of your clients every month. Introduce a staff member to highlight their expertise.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas, owner of the Women's News Bureau ( and Women's Media Desk (, specializes in PR makeovers. If you would like a PR makeover to make yourself more newsworthy, contact her at . Businesswomen are invited to submit their news and articles to the Women's Media Desk.

The Wonders of a Newsletter

Written by windsong

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I already knew I did not want to manage my own list. One of my fears was losing my ISP. I had heard horror stories about people getting kicked off their ISP's because they sent out a large volume of emails. ISP's generally don't ask questions first, they just get rid of you if you appear to be a spammer. So, I opted to use one ofrepparttar many list servers that are available onrepparttar 124366 internet. Some are free and some are not. It only takes a little research to findrepparttar 124367 one that will work best for you.

How do you find subscribers? There are many directories of newsletters where you can list your newsletter. Most of my subscribers found me in these directories. You should also create a web page specifically for your newsletter. Then this page can be promoted and even listed inrepparttar 124368 search engines. By far,repparttar 124369 quickest way to gain subscribers is by word of mouth. If your readers are impressed with what you are doing, they will tell their friends and you will have more readers. Then they tell their friends........

All in all, publishing a newsletter is a very gratifying experience. I receive wonderful emails from my subscribers telling me what a wonderful job I am doing. This tells me that I am establishing a credibility that can only serve to make my other online endeavors a huge success.

windsong is the webmaster/publisher at Marketing Resources, where you will find marketing and promotional resources. Subscribe to windsong's free e-zine: All About Web Profits!(tm) Send a blank email to:

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