Refinance Your House

Written by Carrie Reeder

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Now isrepparttar perfect time to refinance your house. Interest rates have never been lower andrepparttar 150201 availability of multiple quotes from different lenders will ensure you of gettingrepparttar 150202 lowest rate possible. If your credit is less than perfect, you can still refinance your home. Sub-prime lenders can help you lower your interest rate, even with adverse credit. If you are considering refinancing your house, get multiple quotes today and you could be on your way to saving money each and every month. Interest rates have never been lower, and even if you have adverse credit, you can still refinance your home and save thousands of dollars overrepparttar 150203 length of your mortgage.

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Retirement Planning - Your Financial Future Is In Your Hands

Written by Kelly Gillis

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Due to an increased life expectancy you will need to consider safe ways to continue to build your wealth even after you retire. Money market funds are a good way to do this and have little risk of going down in value. Most financial planners suggest having six months of normal expense money set aside (this is for any age) in case of emergency.

Some seniors opt for what is called a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage can be a large part of retirement planning. This is where a homeowner, 62 or over, can convert part ofrepparttar equity in their home to tax-free income without having to give up title or sell their home. The amount of a reverse mortgage is based on many factors, your age, appraised home value, current interest rate. The money can be paid torepparttar 150200 homeowner as a lump sum, in fixed monthly payments or as a line of credit. Mandatory credit counseling is required before applying for a reverse mortgage.

Some use annuities to help cushion retirement. Annuities are contracts issued by life insurance companies that guaranteed periodic payments for life. You buy deferred annuities throughout your working years. The funds accumulate tax deferred.

There are many avenues available to help you have an enjoyable retirement, one that is free of money worries and woes. Take you time, read and educate yourself on them before you chooserepparttar 150201 one, or ones, suited for you.

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