Rediscover Home Waters

Written by Cameron Larsen

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I found a gentle slope down torepparttar river, and with little effort was throughrepparttar 146867 brush. After just a couple of casts I had landed a nice 14-inch fat salmonfly stuffed redside. And a few minutes later another one. Moving up river and down river just 20 feet or so, produced a couple of more. Catching fish is exciting, catching fish in a new spot or new technique is more exciting.

I have been back three times, and except forrepparttar 146868 last time, when I missed two strikes, I have landed nice fish.

The lesson here though, is you can never know everything about a place. Nature changes too much. Perhapsrepparttar 146869 underlying surface had just changed last winter during a high water spell and created this up till now undiscovered fishing spot. Or perhaps it had been there for years, I don't know. But you can bet it has spurred my pioneering spirit, for me to keep looking for new ways and new spots to fish my home waters. And when I tire of exploring I have a whole repotoire of fishing spots and techniques to revisit like old friends.

Cameron Larsen is a retired commericial fly tier and fly fishing guide. He now operates The Big Y Fly Company. He can be reached at This article will appear in the Big Y Fly Fishing E-Zine at Http://


Written by nlcatfish

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Have been catfishing around the Downtown Cincinnati area of the Ohio River for over 45 years. Gone catfishing at Lockport 5 times over the past 10 years. It is the greastest place to catch lots of huge CHANNEL catsfish in North America!! Have web site with information covering CATFISHING on the Ohio River around Cincinnati. Links to other catfishing sites, tips for baits ,river stage info. bank fishing locations and MORE!

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