Red Roses If I Love You, Yellow If I Don't: The Secret Language of Flowers

Written by Sherri Allen

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Daisy: Innocence, Loyal Love Dogwood: Love Undiminished by Adversity Fern (Maidenhair): Secret Bond of Love Forget-Me-Not: True Love, Memories Gardenia: You're Lovely, Secret Love Ivy: Wedded Love, Fidelity Jonquil: Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire Lavender: Devoted Love Lotus: Estranged Love Moss: Maternal Love, Charity Orange Blossom: Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness Orchid: Love, Beauty, Refinement Peony: Bashful Love Primrose: Happy Love Poppy: Hopeless Love Rose (Pink): Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me Rose (Red): Love, I Love You Rose (Thornless): Love at First Sight Rose (White): Innocence and Purity, I am Worthy of You Rose (Yellow): Decrease of Love, Jealousy Rosebud (Red): Pure and Lovely Spider Flower: Elope with Me Tulip (General): Perfect Lover Tulip (Red): Believe Me, Declaration of Love Tulip (Variegated): Beautiful Eyes Zinnia: Absent Love

Reviverepparttar romance of times gone by. Give a bouquet of flowers that not only has a special scent or special beauty, but a special meaning. Sharerepparttar 113371 secret language of flowers.

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Planting Or Transplanting A Tree

Written by Paul Curran

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Puddling protectsrepparttar roots from exposure to air before planting

and also from any air pockets which may exist after planting. Having filledrepparttar 113370 hole torepparttar 113371 depth required byrepparttar 113372 roots ofrepparttar 113373 plant, flood it with water to settlerepparttar 113374 soil atrepparttar 113375 bottom; when this has drained away, placerepparttar 113376 tree inrepparttar 113377 position in which it is to grow and settlerepparttar 113378 soil about it.

Use a stick or shovel handle to workrepparttar 113379 soil aroundrepparttar 113380 roots, and make cer tain there are no air pockets. Spreadrepparttar 113381 roots out naturally, plantingrepparttar 113382 tree at aboutrepparttar 113383 same depth as inrepparttar 113384 nursery or its former location. Whenrepparttar 113385 hole is two-thirds full, trample it down and again fill with water. Don't firm downrepparttar 113386 remaining soil, so thatrepparttar 113387 water will drain towardsrepparttar 113388 trunk.

A balled-and-burlapped tree is one dug with a solid ball of rich, heavy loam in which it has been growing inrepparttar 113389 nursery for years, its root system thus amply covered and protected. The ball is firmed and held in place by a secure covering of twine and burlap.

To plant it, setrepparttar 113390 tree in a hole a trifle lower than it stood inrepparttar 113391 nursery. Workrepparttar 113392 soil beneath this depth, as directed above. Digrepparttar 113393 hole about twicerepparttar 113394 size of your ball and plant at once. Ifrepparttar 113395 ground is dry at planting time, fillrepparttar 113396 hole with water and let it soak away before planting.

Cutrepparttar 113397 burlap atrepparttar 113398 top when you putrepparttar 113399 ball in place, rolling it back 3 or 4 inches. Plant ball, burlap and all—the burlap will soon rot away. If you are planting a big tree, it is transported in a truck, lowered torepparttar 113400 ground by winches, rolled along a plank track on rollers and maneuvered intorepparttar 113401 exact center of repparttar 113402 hole on a single board.

A holding rope fromrepparttar 113403 truck torepparttar 113404 base ofrepparttar 113405 tree trunk helps to positionrepparttar 113406 tree. Afterrepparttar 113407 tree is planted, cutting back is proper. Cut back sharply at least one-third, pruningrepparttar 113408 branches. It is necessary to bracerepparttar 113409 tree with wire ropes so thatrepparttar 113410 roots will not be broken byrepparttar 113411 wind.

Use a single wire aroundrepparttar 113412 trunk and three guy wires. Forrepparttar 113413 first year after planting,repparttar 113414 more cultivationrepparttar 113415 better Keep weeds away, too, with straw or mulch, and strawy manure mulch in repparttar 113416 spring and fall will help keeprepparttar 113417 moisture inrepparttar 113418 ground.

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