Recruiters: Are you killing your profits with these strict guidelines and overkill job descriptions?

Written by Regina Stevens

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Yes, I hear complaints allrepparttar time about employers not being able to find qualified candidates. Well ask your recruiter this: "Is it possible to find one person who has allrepparttar 133380 skills I need or will I need more than one person?" Askrepparttar 133381 recruiter to be upfront with you about what is necessary to fill your open position(s). Imagine asking for one person who can perform heart surgery, manage your facilities, custom-make your shoes, design a website, build a huge database with security, provide CPA services, etc. Does this one person exist? I think you get my point.

I know that employers want to getrepparttar 133382 most for their money, but withrepparttar 133383 IT job descriptions I have seen, employers are going to find themselves having to fix a mess inrepparttar 133384 near future - ultimately losing money. Wouldn't it be more advantageous to hire a System Administrator AND a Website Designer so that they can do what they do best for your company?

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VOIP: A Basic, Basic Intro

Written by Bear Cahill

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There are some other cool features available for extra $ likerepparttar softphone which lets you use your computer as a phone w/orepparttar 133379 modem - this means you can take your laptop w/ you wherever and you have your phone w/repparttar 133380 same phone number everywhere too (you can do this w/orepparttar 133381 softphone, but you have to take your VOIP modem around w/ you - not bad if you're going somewhere for a longer trip).

Another really cool thing isrepparttar 133382 virtual phone numbers. You can get extra numbers that ringrepparttar 133383 same phone, but they are local numbers to any area code you want. So if I live in Dallas and have family in New York, I can get a local phone number here and there. That way my family in New York can call a local number (free) and talk to me! Vonage charges $4.99/month for that. I'm not sure aboutrepparttar 133384 others.

Andrepparttar 133385 biggest benefit - IT'S CHEAP! I pay $14.99 plus some tax and such, but notrepparttar 133386 ump-teen taxes, charges, fees, etc. likerepparttar 133387 phone company charges.

Also, if you do a little research/reading, you can set it up to where every phone jack in your house is wired for VOIP. It's little more than pluggingrepparttar 133388 output of your VOIP modem intorepparttar 133389 wall jack you already have. Very little more.

Bottom Line

You get lots of good, free features and options for doing/managing a lot more including a lot overrepparttar 133390 web and it's SO much cheaper (at least it is for me!). Beingrepparttar 133391 'average guy' I am, I don't really use allrepparttar 133392 features. Fortunately, it's pretty much a 'set it up and forget about it' type thing except that I save $40+/month w/ it!

I use Vonage b/c that's what I was told about first and it was one ofrepparttar 133393 first. There are others and I'm sure they have their strengths, but Vonage hasrepparttar 133394 cheapest base option atrepparttar 133395 time I did my research.

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