RecoveryPets.Com vs. Other Pet Registration Services

Written by Thaddeus Collins

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Contact information isrepparttar reason that pet owners register their pets with these services, and having a large selection of ways to contactrepparttar 135555 owners is vital torepparttar 135556 safe return of a lost pet. Registration services allowrepparttar 135557 client to list their contact information, but RecoveryPets.Com gives their clientrepparttar 135558 option to register up to ten contact phone numbers or email addresses. One ofrepparttar 135559 advantages to this type of information being displayed is thatrepparttar 135560 client's home address is not displayed, andrepparttar 135561 pets unique id number is needed to accessrepparttar 135562 phone and email address information, which provides security that protectsrepparttar 135563 clients confidentiality.

The last topic discussed will coverrepparttar 135564 global recognition ofrepparttar 135565 service. The only way a service provider will be able to benefit their clients is to have a one-stop source for everyday people, and rescue agencies or shelters to go to get information aboutrepparttar 135566 lost pets owner. This should include general marketing torepparttar 135567 average consumer, and special efforts to make rescue agencies and shelter aware ofrepparttar 135568 servicerepparttar 135569 register provides. Pet registration services may berepparttar 135570 greatest tool to help owners of lost pets recover their pet, but ifrepparttar 135571 service does not provide a means to alert everyone thatrepparttar 135572 pet is registered with their service, it defeatsrepparttar 135573 purpose ofrepparttar 135574 service.

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit

Pets get diabetes too

Written by Nick Carmichael

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and its assay can therefore be used to assist inrepparttar diagnosis of diabetes mellitus as well as monitoringrepparttar 125852 effectiveness of insulin therapy in diabetic patients. Fructosamine values are not influenced by acute fluctuations in blood glucose making them more useful than single glucose measurements taken from stressed or anorexic patients, or animals on glucose containing IV fluids. In some cases however they can be used in conjunction with serial glucose curves to assessrepparttar 125853 short and long term response to insulin administration.

Please contact your veterinary surgeon for further details or if you have any concerns about your pets.

Further information on fructosamine can be found at:

Nick graduated from Edinburgh Veterinary School in 1980 with an Honours degree in Pathological Sciences and in 1982 as a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. In 2003 Nick became a diplomate of the Royal college of Pathologists in veterinary clinical pathology.

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