RecoveryPets.Com Helps Recover Lost Pets

Written by Thaddeus Collins

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The process involved is very simple, oncerepparttar pet has been registered forrepparttar 136234 servicerepparttar 136235 registrant will receive a metal pet tag that containsrepparttar 136236 unique identification number, andrepparttar 136237 RecoveryPets.Com website address. Ifrepparttar 136238 pet should ever become lossrepparttar 136239 finder logs ontorepparttar 136240 website, and entersrepparttar 136241 unique identification number into a form field, andrepparttar 136242 pet owners information will be displayed.

The company is also making efforts to partner with organizations that lost pets are returned to, includingrepparttar 136243 Humane Society, S.P.C.A., and various other pet shelter organizations. The goal is to provide a one-stop location for these organizations to go to when they have a lost pet withrepparttar 136244 RecoveryPets.Com identification tag onrepparttar 136245 collar. If you are a pet owner and would like to get more information onrepparttar 136246 services provided by RecoveryPets.Com, or would like to register your pet for their service, you can visit their website at:

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit

Ginger Gets a New Home

Written by Gary Nugent

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Emails to their advertised email address went unanswered and after several aborted phone calls, I got a message saying that they'd moved and had a new phone number. I tried that only to get a message saying they were unavailable for several days and to leave a message. I did, but with less than ten days remaining before a final decision would have to be made as to whether to have him put to sleep or not, time was running out for Ginger.

Then, onrepparttar weekend prior to what could become a fateful day, I received a call telling me that a home had been found for Ginger. It seems that a grand-niece of Ginger's original owner has stepped in to take care of him. So, with just one day to spare, Ginger was whisked off to his new home.

It's a relief knowing thatrepparttar 136202 Sword of Damocles no longer hangs over him and thatrepparttar 136203 thought of having to have him put to sleep is now no longerrepparttar 136204 cards.

He'll make a great pet for his new owners as he's a very affectionate cat. Withrepparttar 136205 exception of being a cat-flu carrier, his health is otherwise good. Given what he went though last year, he deserves to have a few good, happy years ahead of him and now he has.

Gary Nugent has been a life-long animal lover, especially of cats and is the webmaster of - a site that helps you make the best choices to keep your cat healthy, happy and long-lived. Information about cats in general, health issues, behavior patterns and their history. And, not to forget about you...there are a few things on the site to keep cat owners amused as well.

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