Recognizing Deception and Apostasy

Written by Dene McGriff

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that is without precedent. What will it mean practically? Ifrepparttar Bible is correct (and I believe it is), it will get torepparttar 143134 point where you will not be able to buy or sell anything. You won’t have access to food, clothing, housing, health care, schools - nothing! If you are not a Christian (and by that I mean you don’t have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and haven’t been reborn in your human spirit), you will probably be so caught up inrepparttar 143135 deception that one day. When you are given a choice that will enable you to continue to buy and sell and live a half way normal life, you will agree to take a mark and worshiprepparttar 143136 antichrist. This will determine your eternal destiny. Most will be deceived! Most will takerepparttar 143137 path of least resistance. You will be deceived if… Continue torepparttar 143138 full article at:


Antichrist and the Gog-MaGog War

Written by Doug Krieger

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No, no, no . . . this is not a “prophetic game” . . . you’re in this, we’re all in this . . . “multitudes, multitudes inrepparttar Valley of Decision, forrepparttar 143133 day ofrepparttar 143134 Lord is near inrepparttar 143135 Valley of Decision” (Joel 3:14).

A final word . . . those who contend that “Apocalyptic/Armageddon oriented souls” arerepparttar 143136 enemy of civilization and progressive thought (at worst) or ignorant day dreamers (at best), unfortunately viewrepparttar 143137 world through their own understanding secured throughrepparttar 143138 wisdom of man. May I be so bold to suggest that they who adhere to absolutes are neither as barbaric nor absurd as their critics make them out to be . . . who knows, knowledge of this nature just might be so dangerous torepparttar 143139 intellectual elite, that they could actually find hope inrepparttar 143140 current insanity grippingrepparttar 143141 earth throughrepparttar 143142 reading of what initially may be dismissed out of hand as trivial contemplations.

In any event . . . Mayrepparttar 143143 rant and writ of this compendium of thoughts and insights bring us closer torepparttar 143144 One Who knows our frame, our deepest thoughts, our real intentions . . . and clarify those essentials of His Word to us who believe, while penetratingrepparttar 143145 heart of those who do not believe, thereby leading them to salvation throughrepparttar 143146 Messiah,repparttar 143147 Lord Jesus Christ.

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