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Written by Kevin Davies

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One ofrepparttar nifty things about Google is that if you search on a url it'll give you an option of finding pages that link to that url. So continuingrepparttar 139615 examplerepparttar 139616 aboverepparttar 139617 next thing I do is click on "Find web pages that link to"

Now I have a list of urls that have links to a site about killer whales. I can email these sites and ask if they'd like to link to my site.

But it doesn't stop there. When I find a web page I can also use Google to find similar pages. These similar pages are likely to also be suitable candidates for reciprocal linking.

Finally I repeatrepparttar 139618 process above for other websites I found when I searched for "killer whales."

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Big Advertising Mistake - Don't Do This and It Will Save Your Advertising Budget!

Written by Farid Aziz

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o Set Up a Realistic Budget

How much money could you put aside for advertising? Remember, don't waste all of your advertising budget on a single campaign! You have to test what type of advertising that will work best for you.

o A Great Sales Copy

Make people want to click through your URL. Your target here is to make them click, not to sell! Let your site dorepparttar selling for you.

o Test Several Ads

Test several ads atrepparttar 139608 same time. Tweak your sales copy. You'll be amazed at how a little difference you add to an ad could result in a HUGE difference inrepparttar 139609 response. This part is a lot easier if you userepparttar 139610 good old HyperTracker

o Analyze and Re-invest

Analyze your ads performance. Stick torepparttar 139611 ones that give you best results. Now that you know what works and what doesn't, you could re-invest your advertising budget ONLY onrepparttar 139612 best type of advertising.

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