Reciprocal Link versus Value Exchange

Written by Tim Ong

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Ken should know what he was talking about. The websites his "SiteBuildIt!" hosted come with automatic periodic submission torepparttar biggest names in search engines. He uses a unique submission system that is search-engine friendly, unlike most automatic site submitters. So successful was this that most of "SiteBuildIt!" websites consistently rank amongrepparttar 119321 top 5%.

Thus it was no surprise that Ken sawrepparttar 119322 importance of value exchange -repparttar 119323 term he used for link exchange between two quality sites with similar theme. He followed this up with a free value exchange program that is available to all quality websites. The keyword here is quality. He only allows quality sites to sign up.

So if you think your site qualify, try out his free value exchange program. You'll soon be getting requests from other webmasters with quality sites to exchange links with. You can check it out for yourself here

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The Purpose of PageRank

Written by Michael McLaughlin

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What I am trying to prove is that because of this “higher power” aka Google PageRank people turn down websites that can provoke there own success! Why not put Google PageRank in a state of anarchy and let websites again be judged by there quality content and superior design!

Directly PageRank cannot be bought, though often I see links being sold at outrageous monthly costs on pages with a pr of 6 and up. Many times they will provide minimal traffic. Purchasing one of these links will not bring you any targeted traffic, or any traffic at all for that matter. A site wide link on a high pr website can and will boost your pr, but will it help promote and brand your website?

I am not trying to say boycott Google PageRank and start a protest, just merely use PR as a reference but not enough to influence you’re linking decisions and how much time you spend on link exchanges. I hope you walk away from reading this article with a more open mind towards linking with new websites. Understand that every website has potential there are just different degrees to this. You can’t earn a clients respect my running up to there door and desperately offering them your product, instead let them find you. Your approach to search engines shouldn’t be any different.

Concerned aboutrepparttar next PR update as attempting to get those last minute link partners up and running? Invest this time instead on building up quality content pages andrepparttar 119320 Google will find you!

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