Recent research predicts that the online ad market will decline by 25% in 2001

Written by John Schultz

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3. Offer Incentives to Subscribers and Previous Advertisers.

Your own mailing list is a great source of advertisers! They're familiar with your newsletter and know what type of exposure their ads would receive. Previous advertisers also have this type of first-hand knowledge. Encourage them to book with you by offering great incentives - free bonuses, significant discounts, or anything else of value.

4. Swap Ads.

Approach other editors within your niche market and offer to swap ads. This is a great way to increase your exposure, fill your ad space, and do it all without spending a single dime.

5. Barter.

Is there something you need but just haven't gotten around to doing it? Use your ad space as a bargaining chip. For example, you could ask a graphic artist to create a banner or eBook cover for you in exchange for ad(s) in your newsletter. To sweetenrepparttar deal you could offer an 'endorsed' ad.

6. Gorepparttar 101171 Extra Mile.

Provide prompt, friendly, and reliable service to encourage repeat orders. A little extra attention goes a long ways!

Inrepparttar 101172 meantime, if your business relies heavily upon ad revenues for profits, start building another viable income stream. For example, one model that's becoming increasingly popular isrepparttar 101173 content-rich, fee-based membership site.

Companies that are overly-reliant on ad revenues have a choice: adjust torepparttar 101174 ever-changing world ofrepparttar 101175 Internet, or risk going out of business.

We've all heardrepparttar 101176 phrase, 'Never put all your eggs in one basket'. That's good advice for every online business owner.

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Inexpensive and Effective Advertising for Your Web Site

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Follow these steps:

*Write your ad in complete sentences, then cut out non- essential words. Use action words and short phrases.

*Write several versions of your classified ad then pick repparttar best ones.

*Test your ads. Run a few of them on free sites first to see which ones get a response. Be sure to include a code inrepparttar 101170 ad info so you will know which ad producedrepparttar 101171 response.

*Once you find an ad that works well, keep using it. Just because you're bored with it doesn't meanrepparttar 101172 audience is. They don't see it nearly as often as you do.

3.Promote Your Web Site With Direct Mail

With today's e-everything mentality, it is easy to forgetrepparttar 101173 old, tried and true ways of doing business, but don't yield torepparttar 101174 temptation. There are an increasing number of Internet businesses that are returning to traditional advertising methods and seeing some great results.

One of these great older methods isrepparttar 101175 classic sales letter sent throughrepparttar 101176 mail. It's a time-tested technique that brings business.

You can mail your web site announcement, new product release, or price specials to as many people as you want, and you'll never be accused of spamming.

Checkrepparttar 101177 catalog of mailing lists available from It's a standard inrepparttar 101178 Direct Mail industry. Look for fresh lists which are tightly targeted to your market.

So don't get discouraged by expensive advertising campaigns. As you can see, there are many cheap and effective ways to promote your site. So get out there and get some business.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copywriting, and promotional packages. See all his tips to help your business or career at Reach Kevin at, or 801-328-9006.

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