Recent Updates to the Dish Network Channel Packages

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

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The new addition of these Voom channels makes Dish Network's HD packagerepparttar best inrepparttar 143386 nation. Viewers now have access to channels such as RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD. These channels have programs on fashion, fiction, travel, science, music concerts and much more. The addition of these high-definition channels torepparttar 143387 current Dish Network channel packages definitely enhances what Dish has to offer for their viewers.

Eventual Addition of a Karaoke Channel

There are future plans to add a Dish Network channel that will allow one to karaoke withrepparttar 143388 use of this new channel. This will berepparttar 143389 nation's first interactive Karaoke channel and will changerepparttar 143390 way Dish Network is viewed. A Karaoke channel adds a whole new dimension on television programs and how they are used.

This Karaoke channel comes from Sound Choice and was created by OpenTV Corporation. Dish Network customers will have a choice of two play lists with ten songs each that will change every two weeks. These songs will range in style and genre from hip-hop to country. Viewers will be given a chance to try it out for free before subscribing to see what it is all about. This will be a new and exciting addition torepparttar 143391 current Dish Network channel packages.

The additions of Bridges TV, Voom channels, andrepparttar 143392 eventual addition of a karaoke channel, all will enhancerepparttar 143393 Dish Network channel line-up. These additions will add torepparttar 143394 great possibilities available with Dish Network. These Dish Network channel additions will give more to viewers.

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Poker Power

Written by Michal Sram

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After making an ante bet you are dealt five cards whilerepparttar dealer is dealt on card face up.Yourepparttar 143333 n haverepparttar 143334 choice to call or fold. If you call,repparttar 143335 dealer will be dealt four more cards. Your bet will be returned to you with double your ante ifrepparttar 143336 dealer does not have a qualifying hand of ace king or higher.


  • Fold if you have less than an ace-king
  • Call if you have a ahnd with any pair or higher
  • Call if you have an ace-king and at least one of your cards isrepparttar 143337 same asrepparttar 143338 dealer's

Pai Gow Poker

In this combination of poker andrepparttar 143339 Chinese game Pai Gowrepparttar 143340 aim is to makerepparttar 143341 best five-card hand andrepparttar 143342 best two-card hand possible - and then bet it againstrepparttar 143343 dealer's hands.


  • You hold - No pairs, no straight, no flush

    Your strategy - Use highest card for five-card hand and second- and third- highest cards for two-card hand

  • You hold - Six-card straight

    Your strategy - Forrepparttar 143344 five-card hand, userepparttar 143345 straight that remains after you have selectedrepparttar 143346 two highhest cards forrepparttar 143347 two-card hand.

  • You hold - Full house

    Your strategy - Use three of a kind forrepparttar 143348 five-card hand andrepparttar 143349 pair forrepparttar 143350 two-card hand.

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