Rebates: Savings or Scam?

Written by Gary Gray

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1. Look at who’s issuingrepparttar rebate,repparttar 138364 manufacturer orrepparttar 138365 retailer? Manufacturers often use rebates to remove excess inventory or to clear out products forrepparttar 138366 latest models. If it’s a retailer who’s offeringrepparttar 138367 rebate, and what’s their true motivation? Why aren’t they just offering a sale? These retailers are really just playingrepparttar 138368 odds hoping you won’t redeem your savings, so be aware.

2. The paperwork: Be sure to keep receipts, UPC codes, and sometimes even a cutout ofrepparttar 138369 product picture or text onrepparttar 138370 box. Readrepparttar 138371 fine print onrepparttar 138372 rebate form (don’t leaverepparttar 138373 store without this) to know exactly what to send in. Be sure to fill in every field, don’t leave your email address blank, your form could be rejected on a technicality! A hint is to set up a separate free email address at hotmail for a lot of you ‘potential’ spam mail. This address can not only be used for rebate forms but for online newsletters as well.

3. Keep good records. I’d suggest markingrepparttar 138374 deadline forrepparttar 138375 rebate on a calendar, and thenrepparttar 138376 date they staterepparttar 138377 rebates will be sent out – if it’s 8 weeks afterrepparttar 138378 deadline, mark that. Make copies of all receipts and UPC’s before sending in your information. Be sure to take care of all of this within a few days of purchase, many timesrepparttar 138379 rebate does not depend on expiration but on a date that can be only 7 days after your purchase!

4. Don’t be afraid to call. Oftentimes I’ve foundrepparttar 138380 only way to get my rebate is to call, with records in hand, to explain my situation. I NEVER leave my rebate to chance, because I know I’ll eventually forget! After all, that’s what they expect!

Nowadays, I’ve resorted to using savings I can realize atrepparttar 138381 point of purchase, and no longer rely on rebates for my bargain hunting. Since most of my shopping is done online these days, I’m resorting to online coupons and coupon codes where I can verifyrepparttar 138382 savings before checkout. Am I gettingrepparttar 138383 best deal? I think so; I never was one for paperwork.

Gary Gray, of, is a bargain finder and deal hunter. Coupon Chief provides free discount shopping deals and coupon codes to help consumers save money online at nearly every store – before checkout! No hassles, no worries!


Written by Judy Thompson

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Arerepparttar products consumable? Willrepparttar 138340 purchaser be back to buy more ofrepparttar 138341 same products? Non-consumable products may be good products, but will involve a lot more selling skills.

Isrepparttar 138342 timing right forrepparttar 138343 products? For example, people today are looking for ways to feel better, look younger and lose weight, using good nutrition products. Thus, a nutrition company that offers well-researched products, products that can help people improve their lives, could be a good choice.

III. Isrepparttar 138344 promoter ofrepparttar 138345 opportunity telling you that you won’t have to work to make money? While it certainly is possible for you to be one ofrepparttar 138346 lucky people who receive enough “spillover” to make a little money in some programs, don’t you count on it! In most cases, you will have to do some work to receive an income. After all, you are joining a business opportunity. Expect to work it like a business. Internet businesses, however, do generally enable you to work part-time fromrepparttar 138347 comfort of your own home, choose your own hours, and invest whatever money you are comfortable with.

So, maybe you have found several opportunities that seem to meet our “stable company” requirements as described in this article. The company has good, consumable products and has been in business for a few years.

Additional points to consider before making your selection have to do withrepparttar 138348 kind of help and support you will get. Doesrepparttar 138349 company offer training, business tools, and good leads to help you? Will your prospective enroller be around to help you? Write or call this person who says that he or she wants to be your sponsor, and ask some questions.

Choosingrepparttar 138350 best business opportunity is a decision you want to make wisely. Once you chooserepparttar 138351 right business for yourself, you will continue to have many offers from people who want you to join their “hot, new deal.” Don’t join them. Takerepparttar 138352 time to learn everything you can about your new company and its products before you even consider anything else! Jumping around from opportunity to opportunity leads to failure. To succeed with any business requires focus.

The more confidence you have that you choserepparttar 138353 best business for yourself,repparttar 138354 better chance you will have for success!

Judy Thompson is a former teacher and an experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to:

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