Realtors - How To Start A Traffic Explosion In Your Spare Time

Written by Stan Smith

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In no time at all, you will have an articles section that should be filled with information. In my eBook Master Realtor Internet Secrets Revealed I discuss how to turn your articles into hot-leads with a few simple techniques. You can check it out at .

Submit Your Article For Free Advertising Writing articles is a great way to create a steady stream of hot-leads to your website. Homebuyers and sellers are hungry for information and will rewardrepparttar realtor that answers their questions. The good thing aboutrepparttar 134280 Internet is that there are literally hundreds of Real Estate web sites that would love to post your article on their website. These websites are easy to find; just type in "Home Buying Help" in any search engine and you will get hundreds of websites that are hungry for new information.

Make a list of these websites, their article guidelines, andrepparttar 134281 contact email of who you need to send your article to. You can find this information inrepparttar 134282 "about us" section of most websites. When you have your list, post it by your computer monitor and make a goal to send your article to one new website a week. If you are really ambitious, send one a day!

The great thing about having your article posted on someone else's website is that search engines love when someone has a link to your website. It shows that your site has information that is helpful and relevant. Search engines reward these type of sites with high-search rankings. High search rankings translates into hot-leads for your Real estate website.

So next time you catch yourself taking a mental cat-nap - go ahead and do some spare time marketing and watch your website traffic explode.

Stan Smith isrepparttar 134283 author of Master Realtor Internet Secrets Revealed! Get more lead-boosting Internet tips by enrolling in his Web Realtors Mini-Course by sending a blank email to –or get this popular book at

Stan Smith is the author of Master Realtor Internet Secrets Revealed! Get more lead-boosting Internet tips by enrolling in his Web Realtors Mini-Course by sending a blank email to – or get this popular book at

Working At Home Isn't For Everybody...

Written by Dan Reinhold

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How, in reality, can someone enjoy a moment of reflection, introspection or distraction that is *not* rigidly scheduled and officially ordained, where your "co-workers" hurriedly gulp, gobble and gossip before returning torepparttar tasks/projects/assemblywork arbitrarily assigned without regard to their interests or desires?

How, in reality, can someone enjoyrepparttar 134279 comforts of their own home in a place uniquely theirs and a destiny they create and *not* embark on a crowded, frustrating, lengthy and perilous trek to and from this foreign place where, despite their diligence and loyalty, they can find themselves cast out by authorities unseen and unknown through no fault of their own?

(Oops! Fell off my soapbox...Insert your favorite dream here.)

Nosirree, working at home is a liberating, self-actualizing, creatively fulfilling, ultimately challenging and supremely rewarding dream. But, you know...dreams aren't for Everybody.

With two boys, a dog, a cat, a wife and a household to keep together to boot, Dan Reinhold isrepparttar 134280 editor of WAHumor to hang on to his sanity by showing how insanerepparttar 134281 work-at-home community can be. Work at home? You deserve a laugh!

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Dan Reinhold is the editor of WAHumor, the humor newsletter for all who Work At Home. Work at home? You deserve a laugh!

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