Realistic expectations when starting a home based business

Written by Rebecca Gilbert

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I spend about 2 hours a day online throughrepparttar week working on my business. I am advertising and submitting my website to various search engines, directories, and other high traffic sites. I am critiquing my website, sending emails to my affiliates in training, making deals with other webmasters, etc. I also do an enormous amount of reading. I have found that entrepreneurs who have made a fortune onrepparttar 116965 internet are only too happy to share their knowledge on how they got there. Some days I put in more time and some day's I don't work at all. But, I know that every hour I spend on setting my business up is just one step closer to reaching my financial goals. If you are unwilling to invest your time...your probably not going to succeed. Are you unwilling to give up your skepticism? Many times I have an affiliate sign up for my program, andrepparttar 116966 first thing I hear is how they have been burned by another internet business. While I'm sure there are millions of internet scams out there, I see a common characteristic that all these people seem to have...they don't DO ANYTHING! When people sign up for my program,repparttar 116967 first thing that I do is suggest that they complete a short online training on how our program works andrepparttar 116968 compensation plan. I have a statistics page that will tell me whenrepparttar 116969 affiliates in my down line completerepparttar 116970 training, I can see when they have made a sale or signed up an affiliate of their own. All these people that claim to be scammed inrepparttar 116971 past never even get pastrepparttar 116972 online training. Then oddly enough, they will have enough gall to email merepparttar 116973 next month and ask where their paycheck is? Do people actually believe that they will earn a paycheck just because they signed up? Is this why so many believe that they have been scammed inrepparttar 116974 past? Are they so na´ve that they think a company will pay them when they have made no sales? If any of these things sound remotely familiar...your probably not going to succeed. In closing, operating an internet business is not a get-rich quick program, nor can you be successful if you are unwilling to invest some time and money. You must have some realistic expectations and stay focused onrepparttar 116975 goal at hand. If you are capable of doing these things, you can expect many handsome rewards inrepparttar 116976 future for your time and effort. Best wishes for your future success and prosperity! Sincerely, Rebecca Gilbert

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10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business!

Written by BB Lee

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5.I Need A Staff That's right! A staff would be great. But inrepparttar beginning you will not haverepparttar 116964 money to hire a full time staff to handle allrepparttar 116965 mundane task that must be completed. You will handle answering telephone calls, developing sales strategy, marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, PR work, and typical office functions.

6. Camaraderie You will missrepparttar 116966 friendship connection. Work isrepparttar 116967 place where many people make long time friends, associates, and even network uprepparttar 116968 success ladder.

7. Too Many Distractions The television is a step away. The stereo is nearby, telephone constantly ringing, family problems, all interrupting your busy day.

8. No Benefits You will lose work related medical coverage, insurance, pension plans to name a few.

9. No Regular Paycheck You might struggle for months, even years before you have a steady income. Is starting a business really worth giving up that regular paycheck?

10.You Are The Boss! You make allrepparttar 116969 important decisions. All problems rest on your shoulders and it will be impossible to leave work related problems atrepparttar 116970 office becauserepparttar 116971 office is in your home!

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