Real Life Internet Evil: Brilliant Digital Entertainment

Written by Richard Lowe

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According to other news reports,repparttar end user will haverepparttar 132049 option to opt-out from this grand plan. The opt-out method (as well asrepparttar 132050 compensation for those who opt-in) is unspecified at this time, but will most likely be insignificant.

The SEC filing is a very interesting document, and goes on to explain in exhilarating termsrepparttar 132051 benefits and uses of this network. It's very clear that Brilliant see's lots of dollar signs in this concept.

Now forrepparttar 132052 big question: what isrepparttar 132053 benefit torepparttar 132054 end user? Absolutely nothing. In fact,repparttar 132055 end user's computer gets used to serve advertisements and perform other tasks as determined by Brilliant.

The disadvantages of this scheme are many:

Your computer gets used by others - Do you really want unknown, unnamed third parties to have direct access to your hard drive, memory and CPU power as well as your bandwidth? Do you want to trust this company, who covertly installed this software (yes, there is a clause inrepparttar 132056 Terms and Conditions, but it's pretty small and in legalize) throughoutrepparttar 132057 world?

There is a risk of contamination - In theory, viruses and other dangers could be loaded onto your system. This is just another way for hackers and others to gain access and do whatever they want.

Your own documents could be at risk - Who knows what this software allowsrepparttar 132058 vendor to do? Perhaps they are looking over your hard drive...

Automatic updates could damage your system - Ever installed something on your computer which caused it to become unusable or damaged? Well, I'd bet this software will have (or already has) repparttar 132059 capability to update itself with new versions. Do you want to takerepparttar 132060 risk?

How do they protect your privacy? - Do you think this company has any real concern for your privacy? These guys want to make money.

I could go on and on about this concept and software. My advice is simple and straightforward - delete it or don't install it. This is a stupid idea and it deserves to be buried withrepparttar 132061 other bad internet concepts.

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I've Been Infected!

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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I thought I was gonna throw up.

Just to give you one example ofrepparttar important stuff I lost - my web pages are naturally stored on my computer's hard drive as well as my websites. Nearly half my website files were infected!

I thought I was gonna throw up.

Well, as far as I can tell, everything's fixed now, but I'm still a little queasy.

Learn from my mistake, and keep your automatic virus protection on ALLrepparttar 132047 time!

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