Real Estate Wealth Protection With Short Sales

Written by Mark Walters

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Find real estate stocks and do short selling. Well managed this can be an effective strategy.

If real estate values continue to climb you still own your property and continue to accumulate capital gains.

If real estate values begin to fall you sell short selected stocks and profit fromrepparttar decline, which balancesrepparttar 148838 loss inrepparttar 148839 value of your real estate. You protect your real estate gain... and maybe even come out ahead onrepparttar 148840 strategy.

An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund. That's a basket of stocks that trade under one symbol just like a stock. You can quickly buy, sell or short an ETF through an online broker in seconds. You have instant liquidly... something you don't have with real estate.

Two ETF's that you could be ready to short sell would be:

IYR - A basket of real estate stocks

IYF - A basket of financial stocks.

Lots of areas would be hard hit by a down turn in real estate including: banks, mortgage lenders, utility companies, materials suppliers and especially home builders.

The stocks of leading home builders that would suffer during a real estate bust include:

Brookfield Homes - BHS Beazer Homse - BZH Centex Corp - CTX D R Horton - DHI K B Home - KBH

Yes, short selling is a radical strategy forrepparttar 148841 smaller investor, but aren't yourepparttar 148842 one who needsrepparttar 148843 gain protectionrepparttar 148844 most?

You may find a local stock broker that would give you some help, but you should understand some basics aboutrepparttar 148845 stock market and trend following.

You can easily learn that here...

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Do You Make These 7 Mistakes In Your Business?

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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The sharper your arrow point isrepparttar more likely it will strikerepparttar 148837 bull's eye. Know who your target audience is and design your advertising to reach them.

4. Not asking your customers what they think of your product or service.

If you don't survey your customers to find out what they love or hate about your product or service then you may be losing them without even realizing it. Customers appreciate when you value their opinions enough to ask for it. In this way you can find out how to improve your products to better suit your market. The more satisfied your customers arerepparttar 148838 more you'll get with less effort.

5. Ignoring your present customer base.

You knowrepparttar 148839 saying, "A bird inrepparttar 148840 hand is worth two inrepparttar 148841 bushes". This could be said about customers as well, but this time try five inrepparttar 148842 bushes. Yes, it can take 5 times as much money and effort to win a new customer as it takes to keep an old one.

Rather than just concentrating on building your customer base you should spend a greater amount of your marketing resources to keep those that you have already happy. If you don't do this then you'll just be trying to fill up a leaking barrel. You'll continue to lose customers as fast as you gain them-a great way to waste your marketing resources.

6. Not having a 'back end' product to sell to your existing customers.

After your customer has made an initial sale, you should have another complimentary product to sell to that customer. You have already won their confidence to do business with you sorepparttar 148843 second sale should be easier to make.

Even if you don't sell such a product or service then you should form a joint venture with another business owner and splitrepparttar 148844 profit. Ignoringrepparttar 148845 wealth that is in your present customer base is a grave mistake. Yet many businesses do this year after year.

7. Not 'spying' outrepparttar 148846 competition.

Even if you are #1 in your niche you should be still keeping an eye on what your competition is doing. You may learn some valuable lessons and it may help you to seerepparttar 148847 weaknesses that you have in your own company.

No general will want to go to war without knowing what type of armorrepparttar 148848 enemy has and how well they use them. The same for a business as well; you must know what your competition uses and how you can translaterepparttar 148849 successful strategies to your own business.

Ray L. Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. His copywriting clients have claimed up to 1,600% increase in their comversion rates just from using his services. He is an expert in writing sales copy for the web. He has studied extensively the relationship between website structure and design as a factor in internet sales success. You may visit his website at:

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