Real Estate Investor's Lockbox Strategy

Written by Mark Walters

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Experience reminds us thatrepparttar real estate cycle often tops with a violent shakeout. At that point your gain vanishes. Everyone is dumping property and there are darn few buyers.

But hold on... you know enough not to SELL your property!

When you have a big real estate gain selling is profit suicide, because your partner Uncle Sam, grabs a third of your gain. Just thinking about that makes me feel faint.

Your best weapon is probably a 1031 exchange. Move your investment to another area that is just beginning a pattern of growth... or into a different class of property that has a more stable price history.

If you've had enough or property management you might want to exchange into a Tenant-In-Common (TIC) structured real estate investment. They can be a very attractive investment for your gains.

Not room to explain TIC deals now. You can learn more by doing a Google Search for "TIC".

Don't let that new wealth evaporate. Take a tip from a former presidential candidate and put it into "a lockbox".

Mark Walters is an investor-entrepreneur helping other investors from his Web pages at

Make Your Internet Marketing Easier With Niche Marketing Keywords

Written by Timothy Spaulding

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Once you have all ofrepparttar keywords you want to include on your web page, you might be curious as to how to do it and still maintain a professional looking page. The answer is keyword articles. Keyword articles use particular keywords within a story pertaining to it. As a result, your web page has useful information about a particular service, product, and keyword andrepparttar 148655 keyword is incorporated on your web page enough so as to return your web page as a result. When your web page is returned as a top result inrepparttar 148656 search engines, it means your traffic will increase and subsequently your business.

Keyword articles are easy to write if you are interested in doing it yourself, however if not you can freelancerepparttar 148657 work out. For most home based business entrepreneurs doing it yourself is certainly cheaper if you are trying to market on a tight budget, but havingrepparttar 148658 work done by a freelancer might save you considerable time that needs to be focused elsewhere. And if you find that writing articles is one of your strong points you could turn that talent into a home based business of its own.

Niche marketing keywords sounds as if it could be a little tedious and difficult, however it does not have to be that way. You simply need to establishrepparttar 148659 keywords for your niche market and then incorporate them in articles on your web page. It is guaranteed thatrepparttar 148660 more information and keywords your web page contains,repparttar 148661 more traffic and business you will see.

Timothy Spaulding is the owner of the Work At Home Business Resource Center and Home Made Profits which provides valuable tools, articles, affilate programs and products for the home based entrepreneur.

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