Ready to "Go Pro"? Leaving the 9-to-5 Routine

Written by Steve Cartwright

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But your work is not finished there. Aesthetics aren't everything and your content will need to back up, what your page design infers. Pick up a copy of a book, such as "The Damn Good Resume Guide" (Yana Parker / 1996) and Harvey Mackay's all-time great "Swim With The Sharks: Without Being Eaten Alive" (Harvey Mackay / 1996). Read them, study them, memorize them. Learn what sells you and your job skills. Whenrepparttar time comes to present yourself, you'll be glad you did.

Onward withrepparttar 117867 preparation... Every developer who possesses a personal portfolio, will have a much better chance of gettingrepparttar 117868 job position they seek. If you've built any type of site, be it a personal site, or something built on a freelance basis, make sure that it is available for viewing by potential employers. Ifrepparttar 117869 site was built as a temporary or time-limited site, make sure that you retain a copy of it, and it is available somewhere, online. A note though, if you do include personal sites in your portfolio, make sure that they represent an image of yourself that is both professional and desirable to prospective employers. In these cases, it may be better to suppress references to your hobby of collecting sharp weapons, or your on-going campaign to convince authorities you WERE actually abducted by an alien.

In closing - The final thing to take into consideration, is to be sure that you are getting your real worth, when being offered a position of employment as a Web developer. Do your homework, researchrepparttar 117870 job market, pay scales, and comparable items that are specific to your geographical location. Don't just accept any position offered, without first considering what your OWN requirements ofrepparttar 117871 employer are. The industry is highly competitive andrepparttar 117872 right skill-set can mean a huge difference inrepparttar 117873 compensation and benefits packages offered.

"Wait!", you're saying, "I don't want to be a full-time employee. I want to be a freelancer!". Well, in this case, we have one important piece of advice for those of you wanting to become full time freelancers... Stock up on instant noodles. You may need them inrepparttar 117874 early days. But, that's another article, and another month!.

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Start Your Business The Right Way!

Written by Jill Lewis

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You are bound to find something in these e-books that can help you.

A key factor in setting up your own business is figuring out whom you can trust. As you look into and research these different programs and products, you want to look for certain things.

1) Do they offer money back guarantees? If they do, is it really guaranteed and for how long? Then ask yourself, how much time do I need before I'll know if this is working for me? If there is no money back guarantee at all, you have everything to lose and possibly nothing to gain. Can you really take that chance?

2) During your first month or so, look into their customer service. See how quick they are to respond, if they respond at all. How helpful or informative are they? Do they answer all your questions? Or do they just leave you with even more questions.

3) What can you benefit from joining this program? The best programs do such a good job showing you allrepparttar benefits you will receive it leaves you wondering what they get out of it.

There are so many great programs out there, so be particular and choosy. Look forrepparttar 117866 programs with long term potential not justrepparttar 117867 quick money. Check outrepparttar 117868 above resources, do some research, and get started. With consistence and persistence, you can be a successful Internet Marketer

Jill Lewis is Webmaster of, Free Netinsights for Your Internet Business. Get the latest tips and tricks on Internet marketing by subscribing to free Netinsights,a series of reports, and receive two free e-books as a bonus.

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