Ready To Work At Home?

Written by Ben Shar

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∑ If they ask for money up front, run! In many cases, you will never see them again. Solid business opportunities will require products to be purchased and such, but never should you purchase or pay for anything for a JOB.

∑ Checkrepparttar Better Business Bureau for information aboutrepparttar 147121 company. It just makes sense!

∑ Understandrepparttar 147122 difference between a work at home job and a work at home business. It is important to realize that you will not have a job, but a business of your own to run.

Work at home opportunities will allow you to gainrepparttar 147123 most opportunities to spending time with your family, but they will also need you to be diligent and determined to become accomplished inrepparttar 147124 work at home arena. Nothing will be easy, especially at first!

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Resume 101: Enhancing the reference checking process

Written by Annemarie Cross, CPRW, CRW, CEIP, CCM, CECC, CWPP

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(A) Contact that person to ask permission to provide their contact details and to advise them of your current campaign;

(B)Verify and confirm:

(i)current contact number; (ii)email address; and (iii)appropriate/contact time preferred.

Another strategy would be to refresh your referenceís memory about previous projects and contributions by supplying them with a copy of:

~ Your current resume; ~ Relevant experience and results achieved withrepparttar referenceís organization; ~ Overview of your career goals and aspirations so thatrepparttar 147076 reference can provide information pertinent to that goal.

This will allow your reference to gain an understanding of your skill set and what it is you are targeting.

When preparing your references contact list, donít just staterepparttar 147077 basic details such asrepparttar 147078 name and contact details, but provide some background details as to how you know this reference andrepparttar 147079 information they can confirm. Perhaps a succinct list of outstanding contributions that this reference can qualify would be beneficial too. Ensure thatrepparttar 147080 document is formatted professionally and inrepparttar 147081 similar style (i.e. fonts etc) that your resume has been developed, as consistency in formatting and professional presentation is also important.

Ifrepparttar 147082 position and company still sound exciting afterrepparttar 147083 initial interview and you would like to be considered inrepparttar 147084 next round, try to confirm who will be contacting your references andrepparttar 147085 approximate timing. This will allow you to touch base (either by phone or email) with your references and advise them ofrepparttar 147086 forthcoming reference check.

Atrepparttar 147087 completion of your career campaign, after receiving and accepting a firm job offer, do not forget to send a thank you card to each of your references to show your appreciation and to advise them of your success.

Annemarie Cross is a dual-certified, award winning Resume Writer and Career Coach, and the founder/principal of Advanced Employment Concepts, a career consultancy offering specialised services for people striving for success and fulfilment through their careers and work/life balance. Annemarie can be contacted at

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