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Written by Joe Maresca

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Next we seerepparttar % Daily Value. This is recommended daily allowance set byrepparttar 150968 FDA. This item has a total of 25% fat inregards to your recommened dailiy aloowance. That means that is you eat 4 of these food items, your fat intake would have to be cut off forrepparttar 150969 rest ofrepparttar 150970 day.

Another item we should look @ is Total Carboydrates. This isrepparttar 150971 evil demon among low-carb dieters. The FDA's recommended daily allowance for carb intake is around 330 grams per day. There are good carbs and bad carbs. The bad carbs would be considered Sugars. In this case there is only 1g of sugar and 3 g of Dietary Fiber. In regards to carb intake this is a good product.

Then there isrepparttar 150972 protein. The morerepparttar 150973 better. Remember this fact. 1 gram of protein and carbs arerepparttar 150974 equvalient to 4 calories. 1 gram of fat isrepparttar 150975 equivalent to 9 calories. I hope this article has cleared up some issues in regards to reading labels. Any educated dieter is a successful dieter.

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Throw Out the Rules to Stop Emotional Eating!

Written by Stacey Rodewald

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#3 Throw out any rule that says you must count calories or fat grams!

Unless you are medically advised for other reasons, stop driving yourself crazy with counting calories and fat grams. If you think that being more mathematical in your approach will help you achieve long term success, you only have disappointment ahead of you. Yes, you can lose weight for a while, but you won’t learn how to listen and respond to your body’s needs because you’ll be too focused onrepparttar numbers. When you pay attention to how you feel instead, your body will help you berepparttar 150967 best physician for yourself. Focus on eating until satisfied and put that calculator away!

These are just a few ofrepparttar 150968 many rules that have been taught throughoutrepparttar 150969 years. Now isrepparttar 150970 time for change, for new thinking. The old rules didn’t bring you success inrepparttar 150971 past, so why would they now? Think differently. Learn how to give your mind and your bodyrepparttar 150972 best. Free yourself fromrepparttar 150973 rules and by doing so, you’ll start to free yourself from a life of frustration.

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Stacey is an author, speaker, and coach who teaches from first-hand experience how to eliminate emotional eating. The first three chapters of her ebook, “Lose Weight & Gain Control, Eliminate Emotional Eating for Life!” can be downloaded for free at Sign up for Stacey’s free Emotional Eating Ezine at where you’ll also find tips and other resources from Stacey.

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