Read Faster, Read Smarter'

Written by Michael Southon

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The untrained eye takes about a quarter of a second at each fixation, and takes in 2 or 3 words per fixation.

By speeding up you eye movements, you'll learn to make fewer fixations per line and take in more words per fixation.

Try this exercise:

If you use a glass 'anti-glare' screen, draw 2 vertical lines in felt-tip, 5 cms apart, so that you have a strip 5 cms wide located overrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 102070 text you are reading.

Now move your eyes in a 'Z' pattern down this central strip, at a speed faster slightly faster than is comfortable.

Because your Mind is not reading each word, it is forced to 'fill inrepparttar 102071 gaps'. This engages much more ofrepparttar 102072 Mind, since it has to build associations and patterns inrepparttar 102073 written material. This in turn leads to greater comprehension and increased memory of what was read.

This technique takes advantage ofrepparttar 102074 fact that much of written English is highly redundant; a lot of words can be skipped without any loss of meaning.

When your eyes move down a central strip ofrepparttar 102075 text, you also engage much more of your peripheral vision. And that in turn bringsrepparttar 102076 right hemisphere ofrepparttar 102077 brain intorepparttar 102078 reading process. You make much more use ofrepparttar 102079 right-brain's ability to synthesize and build relationships withinrepparttar 102080 material.

So speed reading is not just about reading faster; it also allows you to access much more ofrepparttar 102081 brain and thereby increases your comprehension and creativity.

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The Top 10 Signs of a Sure Loser!.....or How to weed out your worst enemies within!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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6. Ambition & Enthusiasm: I have to tell you, I "Hate" very few things in my life, but I absolutely, positively hate working with people that have no ambition for their own company. Ok, so you hired me to come in and consult you on why your company is not goingrepparttar way you hoped it would. I sure would like to see a little positive attitude from you and some ambition to get it going again. It really doesn't matter if you are paying me, don't waste my time by sitting there looking like a lost dog at a carnival. I want to seerepparttar 102069 Fire of Desire in those Eyes! I can consult LOSERS anywhere, there a dime a dozen, I want winners! I want to make Winners! I expect my clients to be Winners! I expect a little Enthusiasm! If you don't haverepparttar 102070 Ambition and Enthusiasm to make your company succeed you can hire allrepparttar 102071 experts inrepparttar 102072 world, but your calling card will always be "Failure". 7. Personality Problems: This can be a wide variety of things from being to shy to being so overbearing that you are intolerable to be around. It can also be connected to racial, religious or political indifferences. These business people, although they may survive (somehow), restrict themselves severely because of their limited opinions and prejudices. Introverts have found a haven onrepparttar 102073 web thanks torepparttar 102074 "Indirect Marketing" ofrepparttar 102075 Internet. I myself have suffered from Bi-Polar disorder all my life, but (finally) withrepparttar 102076 right medication I can successfully function in a day-to-day offline, real-life business atmosphere, whereas before I relied onrepparttar 102077 Internet, as an Introvert might to mask this personality flaw. 8. Poor Health: This is an especially important one again to me and should be especially to anyone spending ample amounts of time at a keyboard. To succeed in any walk of life, you must also succeed with inner life. Be In Good Health! I have just recently hit my 5-month mark since my last cigarette. Getting my weight back down and getting a little more exercise. Not as much as I should but at least a little more. I have to admit, I feel much better. Here is whatrepparttar 102078 doctor basically told me. A. If you Over Indulge in anything it can't be good for you, so use some restraint! B. DIET & EXRECISE. C. Don't set your sights so high that you'll fail. D. Get a check up. E. If you're at that keyboard a lot, get a fresh air supply, open a window, even if it's winter! 9. Know When to Get offrepparttar 102079 Pot! I've seen it 100 times and 100 times I'll see it again! "Mr. Smith, It's time to expand". "Mr. Jones, We can double your gross by setting up a new product line and hiring 2 new employees". The Response: "I'm sorry Bill, we're not prepared to take that step right now... Why I asked.... There were no legitimate reasons often, except basic fears. The fear of trustingrepparttar 102080 consultant and especially, trusting in themselves! This is whererepparttar 102081 lion eatsrepparttar 102082 lamb folks. You are your company! Except forrepparttar 102083 consultant who has just spent countless days or weeks investigating your business who would know better than you? Why aren't you taking that next step? Do you have legitimate reasons or are you just afraid to get offrepparttar 102084 pot? 10. Keep It In Your Pants:

I feelrepparttar 102085 need to bring this one up because I see it happening more often as time goes on. Businesspersons getting sexually or personally involved. This is a no-no folks, take it from me! It matters not whether you are single, married or swinging from a tree! Business is business and your personal life is personal; Keep them separate!

Wild Bill Montgomery

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