Reaching the Unchurched in Your Town

Written by Toby Wolf

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The result? In June,repparttar St. Paul website had 724 visitors and 426 unique visitors. Only 1 person added that site to their 'favorites'. Between July 1st and July 4th,repparttar 131669 website had over 400 unique visitors, and 12 of them marked St. Paul as a "favorite". Which means that they foundrepparttar 131670 St. Paul website while looking for 4th of July activities, but actually tookrepparttar 131671 time to look at other areas ofrepparttar 131672 website, saw things they liked, and bookmarked us for future reference.

Another result? During July, one ofrepparttar 131673 slowest months for church attendance, (particularly for visitors), St. Paul's average attendance increased, AND it had an average of 5-8 visitors in attendance every Sunday. St. Paul doesn't always formally collect information on how visitors found out about them, but in this case they know at least 2 people every Sunday foundrepparttar 131674 Church through its website. During July and August St. Paul had 3 couples come torepparttar 131675 church to make plans for upcoming weddings - each of those couples had found St. Paul by ending up on its website.

In conclusion, staying in touch with special events in your community and helping to promote them on your church website will not only add value to members of your congregation, but will also increase your church's recognition inrepparttar 131676 community, its search engine standings, and maybe, just maybe, your church will haverepparttar 131677 opportunity to share God and His love to a newcomer.

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Toby Wolf has been involved in Church growth, visioning, and creating effective Church websites since 2000. Toby also is the founder of A Christian Web Hosting & Design Ministry, and AlphaOne Technology Web Hosting & Design.

How to get repeat visitors to your site

Written by Jonathan White

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3.Checking your site for broken links This is very important when having a site. If your site does not function properly, then your visitors will not even bother with it. One ofrepparttar most annoying things when visiting a site is when it has continuous broken links. If you find it hard to manually check your site for broken links, then a good piece of free software to use would berepparttar 131666 REL Link Checker Lite, which can be downloaded from

4.Getting other people’s opinions When having a site, other than your own thoughts, it is also a good idea to get other people’s opinions. For example,repparttar 131667 colours of your site, what parts people like on your siterepparttar 131668 most, what parts people dislikerepparttar 131669 most, etc. Getting opinions from your visitors like this will help you to find out what most people dislikes about your site, which means you can then improve these parts, making it better for your visitors in return.

Jonathan White has been doing marketing on the Web for over three years now and is the Webmaster of - a general web portal where you can play FREE online games, add free articles, search the Web and much more.

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