Re-evaluating The Purpose of An E-Zine

Written by Dan Fry

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Why not build a relationship with your subscribers? They came to you wanting information. Don't simply give them "cut and paste". Give them you. Add freshness. Add your insight. Your humor. Your perspective. If you honestly talk to them they will listen. Your friends would. Wouldn't they?

I don't pretend for one minute that building this relationship will be easy, only fruitful. There are a few guidelines that will maximizerepparttar strength of our subcriber relationship.

(1) Be honest and let it come across in your writing sent to your subscribers.

(2) Send your online publication on a periodic basis atrepparttar 124209 same time and onrepparttar 124210 same day. This isrepparttar 124211 begining of trust. People want to know when to expect receiving correspondence from you.

(3) Give weekly updates as to what they can expect inrepparttar 124212 future issues. No surprises builds trust. Moreover if you focus on content and write captivating articles your readers will sit in anticipation ofrepparttar 124213 next discussion. Tell them thatrepparttar 124214 list is tentative to leave yourself a bit of flexibility.

(4) Refrain from advertisements or sales copy when building your list.

After you take time to put yourself into your E-Zine, then decide if you want to let anyone else in. Don't be tempted byrepparttar 124215 quickness of using someone else's content and profits from paid advertising. Develop first a high content electronic publication. Self satisfaction, praise, andrepparttar 124216 esteem of others will result.

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at or by visiting his site at . He can be reached at .

The lazy man guide and fast way to profit online

Written by Aziz Akinsola

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That's it!

You see, you don't need 100 different methods to succeed online. You need a *simple* step by step plan and you need to knowrepparttar *shortcuts* to success. (Yes,there *are* shortcuts that you will be able to take advantage of immediately!)

I hear it left and right: "Starting a business is very expensive." You need to "sell out" hundreds and thousands of dollars in order to set up a profitable website.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And if my grandma had wheels she would be a skateboard! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You know what? Peple who say it's expensive to build a business may be right. It can be VERY expensive AND frustrating... IF you don't know where to look.

Hopefully, you will learn a few good tricks in this ecourse and there will be no need for frustration or for getting a mortgage in order to set up your online business.

we will analyze how to have a *quality* product ready practically *instantly*... even if you don't have a creative bone in your body!

Be patient. I guarantee, I GUARANTEE, that you will like what you will learn byrepparttar 124208 end of this ecourse.

Thanks for reading,

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