Re-Use The Links You Have When Revising Your Site!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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People BOOKMARK pages allrepparttar time! What if you deleted all your old pages and created some new ones what will happen to your visitors that have a bookmark for those old pages??? They are now left feeling like your site is down, deleted or doesn't exist anymore.

If you're going to discard some old links, try adding a "Page no longer exist" message to let your users know that you know aboutrepparttar 128310 problem and you are sorry forrepparttar 128311 inconvenience.

So when re-designing your entire site, don't be afraid to re-use those high ranking links you already have for your site.

Searching For All Your Pages Online:

If you're like me, and you have well over 500 pages listed in google, you'll want to go through google to see if you've missed any pages while performing changes on your site.

type in "" in Google so that you get your main link. Don't forgetrepparttar 128312 brackets.

You should see underneath your listing a link that states: "[ More results from ]"

This will show you allrepparttar 128313 pages listed within Google. Take a moment to go through allrepparttar 128314 links found within Google and make sure that you've caught all your old, outdated pages and correctrepparttar 128315 problem accordingly.

Good luck with all your changes!

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Supply & Demand - Stop Attacking Good SEO Companies!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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A true SEO Company strives on giving their clients users - a more relevant experience by utilizing certain techniques.

Isn't there always going to be a bad apple inrepparttar group? SEO Spammers - They arerepparttar 128309 companies you should be attacking. You can usually pick them out in a heart beat. Typically seo spammers arerepparttar 128310 companies that advertise something like this on their site...

"Get inrepparttar 128311 top 10 rank for any key phrase you want!" or "Top 10 search engine rankings guaranteed"!

Baloney. Don't believe them for one second. If they could seriously get those Results allrepparttar 128312 time, then, wouldn't everyone be inrepparttar 128313 top 10?

Why Then Are SEO's Making A Fortune??? People want seo companies,repparttar 128314 average owner doesn't haverepparttar 128315 hours,repparttar 128316 weeks, and possiblyrepparttar 128317 years it takes to learn how to advertise online properly.

Hense why seo companies are born. It's like ANY industry inrepparttar 128318 world, where there is a demand; there will always be a supplier for them. On that same note, where there's money to be made, there will always be fakers, spammers, scammers and crooks.

What I Recommend: If you are going to search for an seo company. Don't look at how many testimonials they may have or don't look at how many promises they make. I suggest finding out who their clients are and contacting them directly to personally ask them questions aboutrepparttar 128319 seo company they chose and why!

In Conclusion: Please stop attacking ALL Seo companies since your not only attackingrepparttar 128320 companies future but your also attackingrepparttar 128321 future ofrepparttar 128322 families at home who are surviving from them.

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