Re-Evaluating Internet Marketing Costs

Written by Micah D. Cranman

Continued from page 1 - This isrepparttar company that sends you to real website when you simply type in a keyword inrepparttar 125109 address bar of your browser. Well, you can buy keywords that are relevant to your site from RealNames. The only limitation is thatrepparttar 125110 keywords can't be generic -- they have to be related to your business name. So, I couldn't register "Internet Marketing" but I could register "Sybren Internet Marketing." Visit

Affiliate Programs - Every wish you had a dedicated sales team working for you 24/7? Well, that's pretty much what an affiliate program. Basically, you pay your affiliates in some way or another (a commission on every sale they send to you, a few cents for every visitor they send, etc.), and they send you sales. A fairly popular company that seems to do a good job is Commission Junction. Check them out at Also, do some more research -- just do a search on affiliate programs in your favorite engine.

E-Zine Advertising - You can buy ads in newsletters who's readers would be interested in your product or service. The best way to go about this is by searching for "x newsletter" where "x" is something related to your field or service. For example, if I wanted to advertise in Internet marketing newsletters, I'd search for "Internet marketing newsletters." Then, once I found a few good ones with decent amounts of subscribers, I'd simply askrepparttar 125111 editor how to go about purchasing ad space in their publication. Remember, your time is valuable. It may seem cheaper to advertise for "free," but if you examinerepparttar 125112 total costs, you may decide that paid advertising is much more cost effective. Try some of these methods above out and figure out what's best for you and your business.

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How I got my Article Read by 500,000 Subscribers!

Written by David McKenzie

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But thatís not all it gave me.

With this additional traffic it gave merepparttar opportunity of making extra sales. Thatís precisely what happened Ė lots more sales.

Also, becauserepparttar 125108 traffic was targetedrepparttar 125109 conversion ratio of that traffic to sales was that much higher. Targeted traffic leads to a greater percentage of visitors buying your product or service.

Just by writing that article and having a large subscriber base newsletter featuring it meant extra sales for me.

So while others are struggling with search engine rankings, or worse still, PAYING for their traffic, I am happy to stick to this powerful traffic generating system: Writing Articles.

If you want lots of targeted, free traffic then write some articles on your chosen subject and submit them torepparttar 125110 article resource sites.

Maybe a newsletter with over 500,000 subscribers will feature YOUR article!

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