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Written by Erec Lindber

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Daily structure keeps you moving forward. There are many ways to add structure: keep a daily log, join a self-help group, find a mentor or role model, or read motivational books. Structure is what life-coaching is all about, helping to pull you forward when you are not strong or disciplined enough on your own. Invest in yourself and in your raw talent; I userepparttar rule of spending up to 10% of my income to invest in my career and personal self-development.

Weekly goals make you show up. Weekly goals bring instant results that add up quickly over a period of months. Yes, many times I wait untilrepparttar 124022 end ofrepparttar 124023 week to dig in, and sometimes I don't fully meet my weekly goals, but even that is more than I would have done had I not maderepparttar 124024 commitment.

Develop your insights. Insights can open up all areas of your life, from what you wear to whom you love. Learning to act on these insights produces self-awareness, a major part of designingrepparttar 124025 lives we want to live. Combining our insights and our raw talents with actions can bring experiences that we have only observed or read about. Clear out tolerations and distractions. Two basic problems can interfere with our progress. Tolerations are those things we no longer enjoy, but which we put up with out of habit, fear, or not wanting to make waves. As a coach, I help clients clear out these bottlenecks in three areas: living space, personal life, and career.

Once you are no longer dragged down by what you have been tolerating, you have time and energy to develop raw talent. Distractions are usually genuinely enjoyable, but still interfere with what is even more important to us. Not everyone needs to throw out their TV, as I did, but you do need to honestly face what is distracting you from livingrepparttar 124026 life you want to live.

Which makes more sense: wasting time and money to distract yourself from your dissatisfaction, or investing in your own raw talent, building a life you are satisfied with?

Erec Lindberg is a noted personal and entrepreneurial coach whose compassion and enthusiasm helps his clients turn their raw talent into developed success. He has helped to motivate people from all walks of life toward their personal goals and fulfillment of their dreams. To change your life and begin walking toward your own desires visit www.ErecLindberg.com now!


Written by Craig Lock

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1. Telephone Interruptions 2. Drop-in Visitors 3. Meetings 4. Crisis Management 5. Lack of Objectives, Priorities a Daily plan 6. Cluttered Desk, Personal Disorganisation. 7. Ineffective Delegation 8. Attempting too Much at Once 9. Lack of Clear Communication 10. Inadequate, Inaccurate Delayed Information 11. Indecision and Procrastination 12. Confused Responsibility and Authority. 13. Inability to Say "No". 14. Leaving Tasks Unfinished 15. Lack of Self-Discipline


1. Planning (lack of).

2. Priorities (lack of)

3. Telephone interruptions

4. Disorganisation/cluttered desk

5. Procrastination

6. Visitors

7. Lack of Self Discipline

8. Ineffective delegation

9. Attempting too much

10. Inability to say 'No'


Getrepparttar news only once a day - in only one form - readrepparttar 124021 paper or watch television or listen torepparttar 124022 radio, but varyrepparttar 124023 form so you don't getrepparttar 124024 news through one bias. Don't worry about or spend time on things irrelevant to you, eg.. reading every bit ofrepparttar 124025 newspaper.

Unless it is crucial for your business,repparttar 124026 news is not only depressing (don't worry about it, unless you can do something about it), but it gives a distorted picture of life.

If you can't sleep, don't waste time lying in bed. Get up and do something.

Use an answer phone.

Walk out of a poor movie or show. You've already wastedrepparttar 124027 money - so don't wasterepparttar 124028 time as well.

Plan your leisure. Don't expect your free time to fall into place by itself. Plan your weekends as carefully as you plan your weeks...and it's OK to do nothing.

PLANNING isrepparttar 124029 key. Make a conscious decision to plan more. Most people's lives are too busy to think clearly about what they really want out of life, yet I believe we can do our "best" thinking whilst relaxing (like when walking or jogging)

Trust your instincts and BELIEVE in YOURSELF

If you haverepparttar 124030 will, you Do haverepparttar 124031 Power to change any aspect of your life...so,


Craig Lock has written extensively on the subject of time management, as well as in the field of self help. My various books* are available from: http://www.nzenterprise.com/writer/books.html and http://www.novelty-gift.com/

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