Raw Food Diet - Healthy or Not?

Written by Deborah Wilson

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There are several great online raw food resources:

Shazzie has been raw for several years. Her site features a blog, raw products, and several great before and after pics.

Health Diaries features blogs onrepparttar raw food diet. New raw foodists can read others' diaries or start their own and track their progress.

David Wolfe,repparttar 149876 owner of Rawfood.com, is a well-known raw foodist. On his site, you can purchase raw food products, books, and just about everything else related to raw food.

Through these sites you'll discover many more raw resources. There's a great online community just waiting for those who are looking to improve their health throughrepparttar 149877 raw food diet.

Deborah Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in health and wellness topics.

Could Getting Spicy Aid Your Treatment of Cancer

Written by Rusty Ford

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A study on Curcumin and breast cancer was published in Cancer Research, Vol. 62, July 1, 2002, pp. 3868-75. This study found thatrepparttar use of Curcumin was as effective in preventingrepparttar 149846 spread of breast cancer as Taxol in laboratory mice. Inrepparttar 149847 study mice were induced with breast cancer thenrepparttar 149848 tumors were removed such as with a mastectomy in humans. Thenrepparttar 149849 mice were divided into 4 groups. One was a placebo group, one received Curcumin, one received Taxol, andrepparttar 149850 other Curcumin and Taxol. After 5 weeksrepparttar 149851 study showed that halfrepparttar 149852 mice inrepparttar 149853 Curcumin group hadrepparttar 149854 cancer spread torepparttar 149855 lungs. Only 22 percent of those inrepparttar 149856 Curcumin plus Taxol group had seenrepparttar 149857 cancer spread. 75 percent ofrepparttar 149858 Taxol only group sawrepparttar 149859 cancer spread. The placebo group saw 95 percent ofrepparttar 149860 mice hadrepparttar 149861 cancer spread torepparttar 149862 lungs. These were amazing results.

Human studies are just beginning. Butrepparttar 149863 early signs are thatrepparttar 149864 simple safe spice may offer a safe way of preventing cancer and may also be a great way of aiding inrepparttar 149865 treatment of Cancer.

It should be noted that a culture study showed that Curcumin reducedrepparttar 149866 effects of several chemo drugs used for treating cancer.

Rusty Ford http://my-local-news.com

Rusty Ford is the editor of Arhtritis-Symptom.com and the health editor of My-Local-News.com

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