Written by Val K

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I am their conscience they don’t wish to be reminded of their deeds of how they made wives widows and children orphans. These I try to look out for when I watchrepparttar city late at night whenrepparttar 136524 people sleep; invisible, I merge withrepparttar 136525 shades never seen, never heard. But then I have to retire torepparttar 136526 fields once more to be withrepparttar 136527 elements where my adopted name Raven, was sung and is still being sung by creation.

I amrepparttar 136528 messenger and I will prick their conscience breathing my message songs intorepparttar 136529 air to be carried byrepparttar 136530 wind to them in their beds that they may wake to look for me and they will not find me. But instead will find signposts and directions to where my covers lie. For I have undertaken a journey, a pilgrimage to that jagged hill to exert my soul, re-channel my thoughts. And when I do come down from that summitrepparttar 136531 world will be bright, again.

(Excerpted from “Without a Name” a collection of poems by Val K, coming soon.)

Val K is a poet, and a nature lover. A collection of his poems "Without a Name" will soon be published by AuthorHouse, U.S.A. For personal contact, send mails to: leviathandepthsreturns@yahoo.com

Val K is a poet and a nature lover.

Fundraising Run Smoothly

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

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Define Roles - Matchrepparttar needs of your organization withrepparttar 136362 volunteer's skills and availability by including it in those written volunteer position's description.

Move people around - Unless you have a good reason not to switch roles, put new people (with a good track record) in those organizational roles that will move your fundraiser forward. Do this ahead of time. Provide proper training.

The early bird getsrepparttar 136363 “volunteer” - Letrepparttar 136364 community know early and often about what volunteers you need. Recruit more volunteers than you think you will need. This way, no one feels overworked. And of course, those volunteers will be able to pick uprepparttar 136365 slack inrepparttar 136366 event others don’t follow through as expected. Have volunteer sign-up forms at every event and meeting your organization hosts.

Recruit a volunteer to berepparttar 136367 volunteer coordinator - A strong communicator that will help assign and place volunteers would berepparttar 136368 best choice. Some people are a natural for this key role.

Set realistic goals - Break those goals down into what's needed from each sub-group. Tell themrepparttar 136369 consequences of their participation as well as what could happen if they don’t follow through. Letrepparttar 136370 volunteers knowrepparttar 136371 importance of their roles and what's in it for them. Reward volunteers based upon their individual and group success.

© 2005 - Heidi Richards

Heidi Richards is the author of The PMS Principles, Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and 7 other books. She is also the Founder & CEO of the Women’s ECommerce Association, International www.WECAI.org (pronounced wee-kī) – an Internet organization that “Helps Women Do Business on the WEB.” Basic Membership is FREE. Ms. Richards can be reached at Heidi@speakingwithspirit.com or heidi@wecai.org.

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