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had become a celebrity as he flaunted his many gifts and letters fromrepparttar royal family. In 1916 a group of aristocrats withrepparttar 109272 Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, decided Rasputin had too much power. He would have to be assassinated. They lured him torepparttar 109273 Yusvpovsky Palace to meetrepparttar 109274 dukes wife as Rasputin also loved women. There he was led down to a cellar where he was fed poisoned cakes and wine. These had no affect on him. They decided to shoot him. He then got up and started to hitrepparttar 109275 prince numerous times. The prince was so upset he fled for help. When they returned Rasputin was gone. They found him inrepparttar 109276 yard crawling forrepparttar 109277 front gate. They shot him and then beat him. They bound him up and threw his body intorepparttar 109278 river. When his body was found, his bonds were broken and his lungs were filled with water. He did not actually die until submerged inrepparttar 109279 frozen Russian waters.

His heart was removed and stored at a military institute, until it was stolen inrepparttar 109280 1930's. He was buried. Later his grave was reopened. After trying to transportrepparttar 109281 body to a secret burial site,repparttar 109282 truck broke down. The body was cremated. The ashes were scattered atrepparttar 109283 site.


"Pay-to-play" Educational Software Games?

Written by Robert Cummings

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9. Warehousing-the need to track and inventory software, license requirements, serial numbers,repparttar need to enforce copy protection measures and security.

10. Cost? Does fit in my budget? Web-based educational games offer relatively small entry, they are more cost effective when compared torepparttar 109271 cost traditional educational software's direct and indirect costs associated with purchase, storage and inventory.

11. Freedom! - Canrepparttar 109272 software be used by students so as to free me to do other things (e.g. help other students, fill reports, administrative tasks)?

It is not Cheap

Developing web-based educational solutions costs time, money, and purpose. The money, earned from subscriptions, pays forrepparttar 109273 talent of artists, programmers, teachers, technical and support staff, andrepparttar 109274 costs associated with housing, hosting, marketing, distribution, security and other web services.

The people involved in delivering web-based educational games make their livelihood by communicating their craft inrepparttar 109275 only way they know how. They are driven by their desire to produce a product or service and, in a sense, they define themselves byrepparttar 109276 process and what they produce.

As with video games, kids usually "burnout" or play games most duringrepparttar 109277 first 24 hours. This is why Science Academy Software has adopted one day subscriptions. The amount of "PlayTime" left is displayed inrepparttar 109278 login page. This placesrepparttar 109279 impetus onrepparttar 109280 user,repparttar 109281 player or student, to userepparttar 109282 software while "the getting is good".

In this "entropy economy" old business models are evolving. An e-commerce implementation use allows subscribers instant access. Payment processing is immediate so users can immediately playrepparttar 109283 educational game.

Subscribers of pay-to-play Web-based educational games are able to appreciaterepparttar 109284 educational and entertainment value. They already have DSL, cable, or on a network and may know someone, their children or themselves, who could benefit from playing.

Developers of these educational games are simply using tools that are available for web-based delivery (e.g. Flash, Java, Video, etc.). It also helps if you can have someone handle your e-commerce (e.g. PayPal). Adoption of these technologies make interactive entertainment and education an emerging web-growth industry segment.

Perhaps your audience would be interested in knowing about this new paradigm?

Robert Cummings, President Science Academy Software http://www.scienceacademy.com making your Learning Experience FUN!!!

President of Science Academy Software.

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