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Written by Drew Waters

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4. FAST(AllTheWeb) FAST Search results powerrepparttar listings atrepparttar 128146 popular Lycos search portal. Lycos hasrepparttar 128147 largest global footprint of any Internet portal with more than 140 sites in 41 countries through its network of Web sites and partnerships. FAST results are also displayed at Lycos Europe, Ask Jeeves, AllTheWeb, WebCrawler, InfoSpace, Excite, DogPile, MetaCrawler and other international partners.

5. AltaVista Altavista is a pure search engine. As well as displaying Overture’s results, Altavista maintains 20 International search sites that are locally-optimized in each country to display its results. Submitting torepparttar 128148 main Altavista site will include you in all International sites.

6. Open Directory (DMOZ) While this directory does not even factor inrepparttar 128149 Neilson/NetRatings results, its audience reach is significant. The Open Directory provides main search results to Netscape Search as well as categorized directory results at AOL, Google, Lycos and HotBot. Google regards a listing inrepparttar 128150 Open Directory as very significant in terms of its PageRank system, so a listing here will give your site a higher ranking at Google.

7. LookSmart A listing at LookSmart will enable your site to be dispayed atrepparttar 128151 very popular MSN –repparttar 128152 default search portal of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Google also regards a LookSmart listing highly in its PageRank system, which will in turn help your site’s ranking at Google.

8. Yahoo A listing in Yahoo’s directory has become less significant since they began to use Google search results as primary listings. If you rank well on Google, you will rank well at Yahoo and gainrepparttar 128153 first rate exposure this popular search site provides. Google regards a listing at Yahoo as highly significant in terms of PageRank, so a listing here will in turn help your site’s relevancy withrepparttar 128154 Google search engine. What you need to decide is: will a directory listing at Yahoo help boost your ranking enough on Google to warrantrepparttar 128155 $299 annual fee Yahoo charges.

9. Ask Jeeves/Teoma Ask Jeeves search results are powered by Teoma. While this search portal is popular amongst Internet users, its reach is not that significant. If your aim is to have your site listed on allrepparttar 128156 major search engines, then this would definitely be one to be listed with, although you may want to focus your efforts on gaining a high ranking onrepparttar 128157 other more significant search engines above for maximum traffic. Ask Jeeves dispaysrepparttar 128158 top four results from Google’s AdWords and ad results from Lycos in a right hand column format.

What we can construe fromrepparttar 128159 above results is thatrepparttar 128160 majority of Internet search results are delivered by a small minority of search engines through a wide network of partner search portals. When planning your search engine positioning campaign, it is important to consider this. If you begin withrepparttar 128161 idea of maximum audience reach in mind, your results will return a wider net of targeted traffic.

Drew Waters is a search engine positioning specialist, a principal of Search Engine Coach, and author of the detailed & popular e-book “Put Your Web Site on Top of the Search Engines: Tools and Techniques for Top Ranking,” available at: http://www.search-engine-coach.com

Search Engine Submissions Made Easy (Part II)

Written by Robin Nobles

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But, our site is brand new, andrepparttar advantage to Yahoo!'s pay inclusion program is that your site will be reviewed for possible inclusion within 7 working days. So, depending on our finances, we may want to add Yahoo!'s pay inclusion costs, just so we can get fast visibility for our new site.

(According to Nielson NetRankings in October 2002,repparttar 128145 audience reach of Yahoo! was 28.5%. Source: http://www.searchenginewatch.com/reports/netratings.html)

Total of Yearly Pay Inclusion Costs Including Yahoo!, but not AltaVista: $520 (Includesrepparttar 128146 Inktomi engines,repparttar 128147 Fast engines, Teoma, Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo!. This does NOT include AltaVista.)

Total of Yearly Pay Inclusion Costs Including both Yahoo! and AltaVista: $714 (Includesrepparttar 128148 Inktomi engines,repparttar 128149 Fast engines, Teoma, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo!, and AltaVista.)

What About Google?

Google http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Google isrepparttar 128150 only major engine that doesn't have a pay inclusion program. So,repparttar 128151 only way to get your pages intorepparttar 128152 index is to letrepparttar 128153 spider findrepparttar 128154 pages on its own through links on other pages or to submit through Google's free add URL.

Personally, I always letrepparttar 128155 spider findrepparttar 128156 pages on its own and never submit to Google manually. By going this route, while your site is busy being spidered byrepparttar 128157 other engines and you're busy building link popularity, byrepparttar 128158 time that Google "finds" your pages, you should have had time to build some link popularity, which we all know is so important with Google.

According to Nielson NetRankings in October 2002,repparttar 128159 audience reach of Google alone was 29.2%. Add to that AOL at 19.7%, Yahoo! at 28.5%, and Netscape at 5.5%, and it's quite easy to seerepparttar 128160 power behind Google. Source: (http://www.searchenginewatch.com/reports/netratings.html)

In Conclusion

Rather than worrying about submitting your pages manually to each ofrepparttar 128161 major engines, take advantage ofrepparttar 128162 tremendous benefits of using pay inclusion.

Then, let Google find your pages on its own, and hold off submitting torepparttar 128163 Yahoo! directory for a while.

Based on our example here, if we were submitting three pages, our total yearly cost would be either $221 or $415, depending on whether or not we chose to use AltaVista's pay inclusion program.

So, as you can see,repparttar 128164 benefits far outweighrepparttar 128165 costs. Repeating what I said earlier in this article,repparttar 128166 "key" to successful submissions these days can be summed up in two words: pay inclusion.

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com) and is the content provider for (GRSeo) Search Engine Optimizer software (http://www.se- optimizer.com).

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