Ranked #1 at Google for "Invisible Entrepreneurs" But No Traffic?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Referred traffic being visitors that clicked on your link from search results or links. This applies both in single instances for specific keywords and cumulatively for all referred traffic.

Hear this very clearly - it has nothing to do with ranking! There are dozens of search phrases that visitors have searched on all three of those engines that deliver traffic to my site that I can't find my own site for inrepparttar top 100 results at ANY search engine. In every case, Google delivers more than twicerepparttar 143146 traffic for every keyword combination than does MSN or Yahoo!. In many cases, I rank HIGHER on both Yahoo and MSN for many of those phrases, yet Google delivers far more referred traffic for those phrases ranked higher at MSN and Yahoo! Does that make any sense?

If your referred traffic from top rankings at MSN and Yahoo send you no traffic, why be concerned that you rank well with either of them? This same scenario has played out across dozens of client sites I've reviewed traffic statistics for. No matter howrepparttar 143147 site is structured, no matter how many pages they have, no matter what keywords they are targeting.

Search engine referred traffic from Google is always ALWAYS 2 times higher thanrepparttar 143148 other two and very often as much as 10 times. If we ranked engines, NOT on number of searches performed, but on how much traffic they refer, then Google would be more than twice as highly ranked in all cases.

If Google disappeared tomorrow, there would be some dramatically reduced visitor numbers for ALL sites across repparttar 143149 web. We would, every single one of us, lose over half of our (organic) search engine referred traffic. Look at your traffic statistics for natural search engine referred traffic (not PPC) volume and which keywords are currently working to deliver that traffic as far more important than your specific # keyword ranking on those search engines.

Avoidrepparttar 143150 practice of "Keyword Voodoo" to rank for words that nobody searches. Google "Keyword Voodoo" and you'll find me ranked 5 times for that phrase on page one ofrepparttar 143151 search engine results page. "Reciprocal Linking Turkey" will give yourepparttar 143152 same result, showing my article on several web sites. Each of those does me no good at all and brings no more search engine referred traffic than does my number one ranking for ŇInvisible EntrepreneursÓ used inrepparttar 143153 title of this article.

Targetrepparttar 143154 wrong keywords and you will become one of those Invisible Entrepreneurs.

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How I Increased my site traffic by 75% in 30 days

Written by Syd Johnson

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5. Add a Blog – Blogs are a good way to get site traffic because your RSS feeds can be distributed all overrepparttar web with just a few site listings. You can increase your page rank by listing your website or your blog inrepparttar 143145 top blog search engines. This gives you another source of free traffic and links.

6. Content Structure – People don’t read onrepparttar 143146 web, they scan. If you can keep this tip in mind and structure your website accordingly, you will get more visits for longer periods of time.

How do you make your site easy to scan? •Use subheadings •Bullets •Indented text •Bold text •Numbered text •Italics •Different types of fonts •Colors •Small paragraphs etc.

7. Link Freely – Don’t be afraid to link to other websites including your competitors. If you consistently link to websites with a high google pagerank, your page rank will also increase. Google determines your site worth by association. Associate withrepparttar 143147 best, and soon your website will be one ofrepparttar 143148 best.

8. Get more tips and tools on how to build a website at http://www.2buildawebsite.com

If you use a combination of these techniques on your website or blog, be prepared for a significant increase in site traffic within 30 days.

Syd Johnson is the executive editor of http://www.2buildawebsite.com This article may be freely distributed as long as there is an active link back to the website.

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