Raising Your Children, While Raising Your Income

Written by Brenda Lilly

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 Create a workspace. Ideally it would be great to have a separate room for your office. Face it though, when you have four children, rooms are at a premium. Options: Unused formal living room, (how many dinner parties are you throwing these days withrepparttar little ones running around?) Basement, it may be cold or not that aesthetically pleasing but, if it’s like ours, your kids probably don’t want to go down there either. Just don’t make it your bedroom. When your business takes off, and it will, you don’t want to try to fall asleep starring at work you “could be doing”.  Set specific Mommy/Daddy playtime withrepparttar 140957 children duringrepparttar 140958 day. This is over and above taking care of them. That way, when you “moonlight” your business into daytime hours your children know they’ve had or will have quality time with you that day.  Check into Mommy/Daddy helpers. These are neighborhood children, usually at least 10 years of age, who can come over afterschool a couple days a week to entertain your children while you work on your business. Your children should see this as a great treat of fun if you haverepparttar 140959 right helper.  Always have fun. It’s a serious business, however it doesn’t mean you have to stress about it. You’re in control.

Brenda Lilly is a mother of four children who chose to stay home after having her twins. Her previous experience entails Sales Manager, General Manager, and Account Executive in the Personnel and Telecommunications industries. Current experience, Entrepreneur in Network Marketing. You may contact her at bdlhealth@msn.com or visit her websites at www.brendalilly.usana.com and www.robertallenonline.net

Bathing a Slippery Baby

Written by K Quinn

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likerepparttar warm water. Of course this is easier forrepparttar 140956 baby over 2 months thanrepparttar 140957 newborn. I don't thinkrepparttar 140958 newborns take too kindly to my stripping them down and then propping them inrepparttar 140959 tub. Those sweet ones getrepparttar 140960 uncover as you go method and not so much dunking. I'm as squeamish about bathing them as they are about receivingrepparttar 140961 bath. Bathing your new slippery baby can be a daunting task. Find your own comfort zone.

Ms. Quinn is a foster mother and the author of the website http://www.mommybabytools.info

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