Raise Your Hand If You'd Consider Giving Up The Rights To Your Book Forever

Written by Mark Levine

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3. Ifrepparttar Publisher offers less than 30% Royalties onrepparttar 126378 Gross Sale Price Find Another Publisher

The royalties paid should, at a minimum, be 30% ofrepparttar 126379 sales prices of each book. Be wary of contracts that give you some high percentage ofrepparttar 126380 net sales price. This is where fuzzy math can creep in and take away almost all your profits.

The factors you should use to determine whether or notrepparttar 126381 proposed royalty is acceptable are:

•Whether it is based onrepparttar 126382 gross or net sales amount (and if based onrepparttar 126383 net sales amount,repparttar 126384 calculation must be on hard numbers (production costs, credit card processing fees, etc.) and not vague items ("administrative costs", etc.); •The actual production cost ofrepparttar 126385 book (Production costs on POD books should be between $3.50 and $5.50. Anything higher than that and you can bet thatrepparttar 126386 publisher is padding this amount to lower your actual royalty); •The size ofrepparttar 126387 publisher's distribution network and traffic torepparttar 126388 publisher's online store (the more places your books are for sale,repparttar 126389 more chance people have to find them); and •Marketing effortsrepparttar 126390 publisher engages to inform readers of your book (if a publisher actually spends money to help sell your book, a lower royalty is not out of line). •Whetherrepparttar 126391 publisher treats itself like a third-party retailer (e.g. Amazon.com) and gives itself a trade discount to sell you book (For example, for a $15 book, Amazon gets $7.50 for each book sold, thenrepparttar 126392 remaining $7.50 is divided betweenrepparttar 126393 author and publisher basedrepparttar 126394 royalty agreement. Some publishers give themselves a trade discount so in effect they end up making 80% of each sale for a book that you paid them to publish!)

Again, these are justrepparttar 126395 basics ofrepparttar 126396 basics, but they providerepparttar 126397 building blocks ofrepparttar 126398 foundation of knowledge you will need to have before you sign a POD publishing contract.

Mark Levine is the author of The Fine Print (www.book-publishers-compared.com), which dissects, analyzes and ranks the publishing contracts and services of 74 of the top POD publishers. He is also the president of Click Industries which provides business incorporation services (www.clickandinc.com) and copyright registration services (www.clickandcopyright.com)

Color correcting by numbers for giclee printing

Written by Fabio Braghi

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Why is this important? Simply put, very! Let’ s go into something practical: You are working on a picture of your toddler taken with that high-resolution camera you got for Christmas. It looks good onrepparttar screen but when printedrepparttar 126377 skin tones make your child look like he is blushing under 110 F heat. When going overrepparttar 126378 skin withrepparttar 126379 pickerrepparttar 126380 reading is R=200, G=140, B=139. Immediatelyrepparttar 126381 red reading of 200 pops out as a lot compared torepparttar 126382 fairly equal and lesser quantities of green and blue. Without looking at a proof you can see how that skin will be primarily red. It is OK for skin tones to have a mix of colors and for a Caucasian complexion to have a higher level of red. A difference of about 60 between red andrepparttar 126383 other two primaries may be excessive. Also, a warm skin tone requires a little bit of yellow to be present. In our caserepparttar 126384 initial reading for B and G is about equal, meaning they neutralize each other and makerepparttar 126385 red stand out asrepparttar 126386 preponderant color. To add a little yellow we need to decreaserepparttar 126387 blue (Blue and Yellow are opposites). In this case a good mix for such skin tone could be R=190, G=140, B=130.

These numbers are not to be taken literally but as a guide to create a pleasing balance. Practice taking color readings in different areas of an image. Look atrepparttar 126388 printed proof. You will soon learn to correct by numbers and be free from monitor shifting! For further information please visit our fine art giclee printing website

Owner of a giclee printing company with 11 years in high-end digital imaging.

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