Rainbow Gardens For Your Vegas wedding

Written by Randy Wilson

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Speaking of cakes, visitrepparttar cake gallery and click on dozens of photos of varied designs to suit your wedding’s theme and taste. Adorned with jewels, flowers, and lace, these decorous creations will stimulate your imagination as well as your appetite.

With so many las Vegas chapels to choose from, don’t settle forrepparttar 142944 first one you visit. Browse Rainbow Gardens for a sense ofrepparttar 142945 luxurious. Imagine your vows being spoken in a splendid array of blooms and light. Then plan a luscious feast that will impress every guest without breaking your wallet. Ice sculptures and entertainers provide added options for your banquet. Linen table covers, an assigned hostess, and a DJ with a dance floor can be added to your package if desired.

Visit Rainbow Gardens to viewrepparttar 142946 impressive display of photos from every service that is offered. Then contactrepparttar 142947 coordinator by email or telephone to start planning your special and unique wedding or vow renewal ceremony that will create lifetime memories. You can visit this chapel online at Rainbow Gardens Las Vegas Chapel.

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My Vegas Wedding Chapel

Written by Randy Wilson

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Formal wear is available onrepparttar grounds for rental as well. Bridal gowns rent for between $100 and $300, whilerepparttar 142943 groom’s tux can run between $70 and $120 depending onrepparttar 142944 style selected. The wedding ceremony and reception can be hosted atrepparttar 142945 same chapel. Your coordinator can help you select from a line of services that will best suit your personal needs.

Three chapels are available for use. The English room seats 15,repparttar 142946 Hawaiian room accommodates 25, andrepparttar 142947 European room can hold 50 guests.

No matter your taste, preference, or limitations, My Vegas Wedding Chapel can help you organize an unforgettable day for exchanging vows and becoming one with that special person in your life. Don’t leave anything to chance. Contact a coordinator to discuss your wedding plans and find out if this chapel is right for your big day. You can visit this chapel online at My Vegas Wedding.

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