Rail Breaks – Why many people are turning their backs on flying.

Written by Robin Richmond

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Perhaps one ofrepparttar biggest drawbacks to rail travel (at least outsiderepparttar 149597 UK) is that it can be remarkably difficult to find information and actually book tickets. The large majority of travel agents no longer sell rail package deals and companies such as EuroStar have little information available once they get you as far as Paris or Brussels. In fact until very recently there were very few websites where anyone could gleam information about train journeys, times and bookings. Luckily there are a number of sites available now with a plethora of information such as Seat 61 which - despite being run as a hobby rather than a business – is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to plan a foreign railway journey.

Domestically inrepparttar 149598 UK short weekend breaks onrepparttar 149599 train are becoming extremely popular. Be it a shopping trip to Glasgow or taking in a west end show in London, package deals which include two nights accommodation and rail tickets are becoming more available. Recently travel and rail companies Superbreak and GNER have teamed up to provide short break package deals to five UK cities – London, Leeds, York, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Prices are competitive and they provide a real alternative to driving to these destinations on crowded motorways.

Certainly this renaissance of rail travel is surprising to an extent. Withrepparttar 149600 advent of budget airlines making air travel more accessible and price competitive many felt that this would be one competitor too many forrepparttar 149601 rail industry to remain an active part ofrepparttar 149602 holiday market. However, it would appear that rail holidays have certainly found their niche and are likely to remain an active part ofrepparttar 149603 UK travel market for years to come.

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Robin works in Edinburgh for Bigmouthmedia, occasionally writing for TravelTips and carrying out bizarre experiments using stress balls and cups of water.

RoomSaver.com Travelers Are Loyal to Hotel Rates, Not Brands

Written by Jackie Moniot

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Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, RoomSaver.com is part of Trader Electronic Media's family of over 15 high-traffic websites, which receive millions of visitors each week. The sites cover virtually every used vehicle and general merchandise category, including apartments, homes, employment and hotel lodging. Trader Electronic Media is a division of Trader Publishing Company,repparttar nation’s largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications. For more information about RoomSaver.com, call toll-free 866-305-3840 or visit www.RoomSaver.com.

Jackie Moniot is the Marketing Manager for RoomSaver.com, a division of Trader Publishing Company, the nation's largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications.

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