Rags to Riches

Written by Ratliff J

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4. Since we are still inrepparttar early years of affiliate marketing, there is a large shortage of affiliates. There will be many people who sign up to become an affiliate, but either do not haverepparttar 143838 skills orrepparttar 143839 time to become very successful. They will then blow off future opportunities simply because they failed with one affiliate merchant.

To see a directory of Affiliate Programs, check outrepparttar 143840 Official Affiliate Directory.

J. Ratliff is author of the Affiliate Directory.

Gambling Profits Made Simply & Legal, Though Turnkey Websites

Written by Mark Kenny

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The advantages of being an affiliate to a casino website are huge, mostly being that you are never liable to pay out a penny out of your own pocket if players you refer win. All payouts are handled byrepparttar casino operator, otherwise you'd only have to refer one or two lucky players forrepparttar 143794 results to be costly. More pratical reasons includerepparttar 143795 fact that you do not have to be licensed, after allrepparttar 143796 law views your position as advertising a casino - not running one.

By using a turnkey website that has been created forrepparttar 143797 task of casino affiliation you can quickly establish your site from day one as creditable and professional. Allrepparttar 143798 research into suitable casino operators will already been completed. You can pick up these sites cheaply from ebay, or free from http://www.concept-casinos.com

Other advantages of using a turnkey website is that it will have been developed to giverepparttar 143799 impression of being a self contained casino operator, as opposed to a few banners put together on a blank page & it will have been thoughly tested and easy to setup or modify.

Mark Kenny is an online entrepreneur who specialises in developing turnkey websites in niche and profitable markets. You can see a selection of the work he is involved in at: http://www.trading-web-solutions.com and http://www.concept-casinos.com

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