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Written by Robert Adams

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GREEN IS GOOD!!!!- Yesrepparttar darkerrepparttar 131284 greenrepparttar 131285 better. That means that trying to incorporate Dark green vegetables into every meal is essential. Every meal I incorporaterepparttar 131286 following great low glycemic veggies:

Green Beans

So try and blend in a salad at lunch with fresh spinach or romaine lettuce. Rememberrepparttar 131287 darkerrepparttar 131288 greenrepparttar 131289 better. These lettuces will provide you more nutritional benefit than iceberg lettuce that is very light in color and contains mostly water. Have a nice plentiful serving of a dark green vegetable with your evening protein. Every night I have one ofrepparttar 131290 vegetables noted above with every single meal. Steamed Asparagus or Sauteed spinach in olive oil with garlic and some light low sodium seasonings are outstanding complements to a nice fresh broiled piece of Salmon filet or lean chicken breast, preparedrepparttar 131291 way you like it.

Focus on Fiber!!
When thinking of eating a carbohydrate think of fiber and how much that carb has. Are you eating plain white rice or did you opt for brown or wild rice, which is less refined and more natural in terms of adding fiber and being lower onrepparttar 131292 glycemic index for a carbohydrate. Can you skiprepparttar 131293 potatoes and just eat a larger portion of broccoli or asparagus??

I rarely eat potatoes or plain white rice in my eating plan anymore. I have opted to consume very lean healthy fish or meats along with a highly nutritional and low glycemic index veggies and when I do eat carbohydrates, I make sure that they are as natural an unrefined as they can be and that they support fiber consumption in my diet naturally.

Remember that you need carbohydrates for energy and if you are workingrepparttar 131294 R Factors inrepparttar 131295 right way you are going to need those important complex and essential carbohydrates for keeping your energy level up and helping refuel your body. Also remember a lot of foods that brag about being Low in fat or having no fat, have tons of BAD carbohyrdates. Look at white flour products like plain white breads and pretzels or as I mentioned already plain white rice and pasta. Unfortunately these refined carbohydrates which do not provide a tremendous amount ofrepparttar 131296 right nutrients, help elevate your insulin levels and blood sugar and help you store FAT!!!

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Your body needs time for Rest and Recovery!!! To completerepparttar 131297 R factors you need to allow your body to rejuvenate itself from your Resistance training and also your Aerobic training as well. You can Over-train your body with diminishing returns and as you work out and break down your muscles, you need to provide them adequate time to rest, recover, and rebuild themselves to make a stronger and leaner YOU!! Always allow at least one day of rest between a particular body parts and make sure that if your body is telling you that you are tired, sore or hurting, DO NOT push yourself or force yourself into risking injury!! Listen to your body. Give yourself time to Re-energize and you will complete and support the:

The R Factors

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Robert Adams holds an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America, is a Certified Coach in Coaching for Personal Development as well Interaction Management, is a member of NESTA- National Endurance Sports Trainers Association, and lives a healthy lifestyle through his Body Perfect Fitness philosophy of healthy eating and fitness focus.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Written by Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

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Hypnosis melts awayrepparttar conflict. It helps uninstall old patterns and rapidly download new applications supporting new positive thoughts, actions and results. By stepping into this peaceful inner daydream world individuals haverepparttar 131282 unique opportunity to take control in way they never thought possible. Mental imagery is one ofrepparttar 131283 most powerful benefits of hypnosis. The hypnotist taps intorepparttar 131284 client’s imagination which is inrepparttar 131285 subconscious. This enables clients to create powerful images of ultimate health and fitness. Thenrepparttar 131286 hypnotist offers suggestions supporting how easy it would be to make a few changes if this isrepparttar 131287 reward. This establishes a linear subconscious connection between action and positive results, and by routinely reinforcing this peaceful message clients easily go from concept to reality.

Making changes onrepparttar 131288 subconscious level makes new thoughts seem automatic. It speeds uprepparttar 131289 learning curve. A good clinician will record your session so you can listen to it on your own. Repetition rules withrepparttar 131290 problems and solutions as well. It took years of repetition to createrepparttar 131291 problem butrepparttar 131292 good news is that hypnosis dramatically speeds uprepparttar 131293 process to success.

With hypnosis an individual can disconnect from patterns of compulsive or emotional eating. One method directsrepparttar 131294 client to regression back to where compulsive or emotional eating began. Usually there is a general idea of how and when such patterns began.

Then they imagine a past event is replayed and they can see and feelrepparttar 131295 stress, concern or compulsion with food begin. It’s important to recreaterepparttar 131296 anxiety because then they get to make it go away.

They picture a thick glass dome being lowered overrepparttar 131297 past event andrepparttar 131298 lower it getsrepparttar 131299 more freedom and relief they experience. In momentsrepparttar 131300 doom locks down intorepparttar 131301 floor completely preventing this experience from ever affecting their adult life again. Once they are free fromrepparttar 131302 past they move forward and freely begin to choose new paths supporting fitness and fulfillment.

Success with hypnosis depends on how openrepparttar 131303 client is to relaxing, whether they are truly committed to creating positive change and if they give themselvesrepparttar 131304 opportunity to become proficient withrepparttar 131305 process. Serious minded individuals with a strong desire to learn and grow usually do very well.

In addition to weight loss clients become more relaxed, centered and focused. They are much less affected byrepparttar 131306 day-to-day stress of life. This type of routine relaxation produces more smiles, laughter and an easy natural progression to shapingrepparttar 131307 body they were meant to have.

Paul Gustafson RN, BSN, CH runs HealthyHypnosis.com of Burlington, Massachusetts. His 11 years of acute cardiac and hospice experience offer a solid foundation supporting his clinical approach to hypnotherapy. Visit HealthyHypnosis.com or call toll free at 888-290-3972.

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