Written by Bob McElwain

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Long beforerepparttar Web was dreamt of, we knewrepparttar 134819 maximum line length for easy reading was 65 characters. Violate this rule as you please, butrepparttar 134820 existence ofrepparttar 134821 Web does not change it.

Grab a couple of novels off your book shelf and start counting characters. If you find a line with more than 65 characters, it's got a lot of narrow ones in it. Publishers are keenly aware of this rule. Many webmasters either are not, or choose to ignore it. Either way, say bye-bye to those visitors who expect and demand a fast, easy read.

If Line Length Didn't Run Them Off, Try New Times Roman!

Look, this isn't a debatable point. That New Time Roman, or a close cousin, isrepparttar 134822 favored font inrepparttar 134823 print world, means nothing on a computer monitor. Not one darned thing. In print, it's those serifs that make Times Roman so easy to read; they accentrepparttar 134824 character for quicker identification.

But those same serifs slow reading on a monitor by over 20%. Why? Simple. It's a matter of pixels.

If you display 80 characters in Courier on one line in a 600 pixel window, this means you have roughly 7 pixels in width for each character. Draw an array of dots to represent pixels 7 wide and 9 tall. Maybe duplicaterepparttar 134825 pattern several times with an editor, then print it. Now try drawing some characters.

It won't take long to discover that there aren't many dots that can be used to draw lines at an angle. That's why italic is so faint and hard to read on a monitor.

If that's not a sufficient challenge, try drawing some circles by connecting dots. The kind of circles used to createrepparttar 134826 serifs in Times Roman. Little tiny circles. You'll make a mess of it, I guarantee, just as your monitor does.

The Better Choices

Since reading is about 25% slower on a monitor compared to printed material, you need to make a special effort to produce copy quick and easy to read. Holding line lengths under 65 characters helps.

Use Arial or Verdana. The latter is best for there is more space between characters, which helps avoidrepparttar 134827 big black globbiness of large blocks of text.

Forgetrepparttar 134828 screen sized logos and company slogans. Answer that question: What's in it for me? And at all cost make it easy to read your page and copy. Provided you do want sales, that is.

Forget animation, flash, and such. It only interruptsrepparttar 134829 reader. Picture that all important line atrepparttar 134830 bottom of your presentation: Click To Order. Then a half inch below it, a multi-colored whirling gizmo.

Willrepparttar 134831 reader's attention remain focused onrepparttar 134832 link andrepparttar 134833 action you want taken? Or will attention be distracted byrepparttar 134834 whirling gizmo? If it is, will it ever return to your link? Maybe, but I won't bet on it.

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Making pages attractive to both visitors and search engines!

Written by Bill Quimby

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On a typical site you probably have several subpages. But there's nothing that says these pages have to start atrepparttar very top ofrepparttar 134818 page. If you put a bookmark or name tag right afterrepparttar 134819 headline (call it "TOP" so it sounds harmless and appropriate) and then add "#top" after page.htm in all your internal links and navigation. This will moverepparttar 134820 headlines offrepparttar 134821 top ofrepparttar 134822 screen on all subsequent pages inrepparttar 134823 site. Some browsers seem to treat this a little different at times and it's still visible if they scroll up, but it still looks alright.

See for an excellent example of this on allrepparttar 134824 internal subpages.

Exciting design doesn't always look as attractive to search engines. So this lets you giverepparttar 134825 search engines what they want, a clear understanding of what your page is about, and still make your pages attractive torepparttar 134826 visitors. Now, by makingrepparttar 134827 title, meta tags, headlines, alt tags, page text and even a few comments and directory names thrown in for good measure, all focus on this unique line you'll rank as high as possible for your chosen phrase. Now you can have your design and your search success atrepparttar 134828 same time!

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