RSS meet targets Advani

Written by kumar

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Pressure tactics

In a move directed at putting pressure on LK Advani,repparttar RSS pracharaks are even consideringrepparttar 146975 extreme step of closing down their shakhas or daily meetings of their cadre in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It's a move they gamble aimed at hurtingrepparttar 146976 BJP politically asrepparttar 146977 shakhas feedrepparttar 146978 BJP cadres.

The RSS is also considering to recall all those Sangh workers who were on deputation inrepparttar 146979 BJP - again a move to hurtrepparttar 146980 BJP at an organisational level.

The only thing that has emerged clearly is that LK Advani is no morerepparttar 146981 blue-eyed boy ofrepparttar 146982 RSS and any attempts made by him to reach out torepparttar 146983 Sangh are not working.

Whilerepparttar 146984 RSS is not keen to spend its entire meeting on Advani's political future, they do want to tell allrepparttar 146985 workers withinrepparttar 146986 Sangh Parivar that LK Advani is to be blamed forrepparttar 146987 existing problems.


Africa -Where's the Profit

Written by John Roberts

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Would probably give thousands of villages, Access to clean water. And if every politician, inrepparttar world, Gave just one tenth of their wages. It would feed millions of people in Africa, Help them survive for ages. If we must invade some countries, Because of ‘principles' so high. How about those, spending money on weapons, While their people die. Conglomerates make huge profits, Feeding those, already obese. So why can't they spare some millions, To help fight this disease? So Mister Politician, if you are itching to invade, Let's all invade Africa, with help and love and aid!

John Roberts is a Freelance Training Consultant in the UK and Director of JayrConsulting Ltd. at

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