RSS Works: Hard Metrics to Prove It

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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The stats are based on an app. 10,000 end-user sample, 30 day average and 4 months of data.

They are seeing a 6.8% average CTR from content item [individual content item in an RSS feed] to site and a 150% [1.5 clicks] average CTR from feed to site within 30 days.


And finally, let's take a look atrepparttar stats fromrepparttar 140635 publisher/marketer point of view. is one ofrepparttar 140636 most popular tech sites onrepparttar 140637 internet.

Although they are serving a more tech savvy audience, Lockergnome is an excellent example ofrepparttar 140638 results you can ultimately hope to achieve using RSS.

First of all, they are seeing a ration of 5:1 in favor ofrepparttar 140639 number of RSS subscribers against e-mail subscribers, and even more interesting, a 500% better clickthrough ratio with RSS than with e-mail.


The BTI Group is a smaller VoIP provider and, through their high ranking blogsite [],repparttar 140640 proof that RSS works for search engine positioning.

Here are just some of their achievements, as a result of their RSS marketing activities …

a] 120 page-one search results on important industry search terms #1 Voip vs traditional phone system #1 VoIP solution provider #2 VoIP small business #2 VoIP architecture #5 VoIP phone equipment #6 VoIP benefits #7 VoIP Small Business costs

b] A 75% increase in traffic torepparttar 140641 corporate website

c] BTI’s link popularity jumped from 164 in June 2003 to 1312 in December 2004 to 1405 in February 2005


These metrics clearly show that RSS works for marketers and publishers.

This data alone, also considering that RSS clearly gets 100% of your content delivered and actually provides you with an abundance of new marketing opportunities, such as podcasting, should be enough to make you do something about RSS now.

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The Right Way to Use Other People’s Articles on Your Website

Written by Lynella Grant

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Search engines prefer specifics also; general sites don’t rate as well. They reward focused, keyword-rich topics with improved rankings. Spiders don’t care if you wroterepparttar content yourself or usedrepparttar 140576 work of other authors. But they do rely on your links and sitemap, so they can index it all.

Add Your Own Personal Input to Every Article You Post

Takerepparttar 140577 time to add a paragraph above each article on your site - 80 to 100 words is plenty. Like a cordial host, introducerepparttar 140578 information or author ahead. Build anticipation so they’re eager to keep reading. Employrepparttar 140579 keywords shown in your title and header tags. DO NOT ALTER THE ARTICLE ITSELF. That would violaterepparttar 140580 author’s copyright, and it’s not necessary.

Atrepparttar 140581 bottom ofrepparttar 140582 article (afterrepparttar 140583 author’s Sig) add another paragraph of your own. - Summarize it - Link to other articles alongrepparttar 140584 same line - Recommend resources - Insert affiliate links or products you sell

Reuserepparttar 140585 page-specific keywords inrepparttar 140586 bottom paragraph. Although that article also appears on other sites, your version is now unique torepparttar 140587 search engines. Most submitted articles appear in multiple websites, directories, and ezines. Adding new language personalizes it, while avoidingrepparttar 140588 possibility of a duplicate content penalty.

You’re also building a personal connection to readers, as they begin to identify your voice and online personality. That goes a long way toward return visits.

Package Articles in an Organized Way

Don’t dump every article together in one long list. Cluster them into logical sub-categories which aid site navigation. Add links between articles and related pages on your site. Although everyone knows incoming links can boost Page Rank, links within your site (internal) benefit your rankings as well (though to a lesser degree). And they’re 100% within your control. Besides, ample links help visitors move confidently around your website.

Despiterepparttar 140589 infinite supply of online articles, most dish out recycled stuff that everyone’s seen before. Avoid that trap with information that’s a cut above. Takerepparttar 140590 trouble to carefully select articles that provide extra value. Then by adding your own voice and unique comments you please bothrepparttar 140591 human readers and search engines. And that’s a winning strategy all around.

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