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Written by Sharon Housley

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What are RSS Feeds - In very simple non-technical terms RSS is an XML file containing a directory of web pages with related news or information. The RSS is contained in an XML file and referred to as a "feed". RSS format is very simple, in fact even I was able to create a feed with little effort.

The XML file basically contains what would be commonly used as a title and description in an html document, along withrepparttar url of a web page containingrepparttar 132718 actual content.

Sample feeds can be seen at:

Once uploaded to a websiterepparttar 132719 feed should be validated (to make sure you did not use any invalid characters). The feed can then be submitted to engines. Individuals can view your content in a reader. Individuals can also add news feed to their websites by using an aggregator and tappingrepparttar 132720 feed of news vendors or others.

For convenience I've created a webpage with RSS resources at

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What is the Fuss?

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

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Of course, that is not supposed to be heard. But, according to great grandma, Thatís how SPAMMING has come to be frown upon. Itís not about table manners, mind you. Itís about whether any lunch should be free. It is a conflict between cooks and those who prefer to cook for themselves.

Can SPAMMING really be stopped? Yes, in name but not in kind. As always, devils are steps ahead ofrepparttar gods. Email address collecting has already become a kind of business. And people are having themselves opted in everyday. What this creates is a kind of new syndication. In this way, almost everyone will be happy. Cook will keep their jobs and no lunch will be free. There will be no more unsolicited emails. Some though would still complain about unwanted publicity and advertising. But then, as great grandma used to say, Who is to know that oneís words are not welcomed unless one speaks?.

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