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Written by Efimov Peter

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Now letís analyze what we have in computer RPG. Fromrepparttar first look everyt5hing is justrepparttar 142294 same-the game system, characters,repparttar 142295 game world. But all these things are already made, you can seerepparttar 142296 picture with your eyes. Is it good or bad? It depends. By all means, itís pleasant to see ďvisualĒ character, a charming landscape, fire from shots, etc. But your own brains donít work any longer since thereís no necessity in it. Besides, we wonít see ďour own worldĒ. We perceive things as they should be fromrepparttar 142297 game developersí point of view. Their way of perception becomes ours as well. You will never be able to seerepparttar 142298 world with your own eyes and makerepparttar 142299 character really yours, no matter how hardrepparttar 142300 developers tried to improverepparttar 142301 game. Such a situation has two consequences: 1)Tragic one: your imagination is completely blocked and you donít likerepparttar 142302 othersí vision.( such a situation is typical forrepparttar 142303 most of projects). 2)Pleasant one: some painters and designers create real masterpieces and we canít but admire their world vision ( here you perfectly understandrepparttar 142304 difference between your plain brains and a talented professionalís work). But are there many games like that inrepparttar 142305 second point? Frankly speaking, I know only one-Fallout. And I appreciate notrepparttar 142306 graphics but amazing style, exact place of every button, picture, character. Letís also mention incontestable advantage of computer RPG. It deals with those calculations which make so many table RPG boring. Computer will calculate allrepparttar 142307 fines, bonuses and characterís features in a flash. Strange as it may seem but computer games are based just onrepparttar 142308 table systems andrepparttar 142309 developers ofrepparttar 142310 former ones donít aim to overcharge machines with numerous correlations and parameters. At last weíve come to a very sensitive problem ofrepparttar 142311 computer RPG- opportunities provided inrepparttar 142312 game. Sometimes playing RPG onrepparttar 142313 computer you may suddenly want to actrepparttar 142314 way not offered byrepparttar 142315 plot ofrepparttar 142316 game. ( to look intorepparttar 142317 hatch which is pictured onrepparttar 142318 background or to takerepparttar 142319 car you are not allowed to). I am sure that such things are familiar to every gamer. Itís great ifrepparttar 142320 plot andrepparttar 142321 locations are well considered. And what if they are not ( as it happens more often)? We must admit thatrepparttar 142322 developers of computer games are constantly improvingrepparttar 142323 gamerís opportunities inrepparttar 142324 installed worlds. But ifrepparttar 142325 direction is not perfect,repparttar 142326 game turns into hard work and it makesrepparttar 142327 player take advantage of allrepparttar 142328 improvements (even if he is not willing to). Table RPG is another matter:repparttar 142329 action there is equal to one word, no talks linearity ( you can communicate withrepparttar 142330 leaderrepparttar 142331 way you like), no plot linearity ( you can do what you like until you are killed). Full freedom ofrepparttar 142332 decisions and actions provided by table RPG will never be substituted by any perfect program. Here you can act as you like. Besides,repparttar 142333 standard ofrepparttar 142334 game can be easily changed. For example, I can tell you from my own experience that once I startedrepparttar 142335 game as a guard (pure RPG adventure) and finished as an emperor (RPG+tactics+strategy). Thatís it. Itís for you to judge what is better. What and how to play is also for you. But Iíd like to say (from my own experience again) that table RPG develop our brains while computer ones donít. A friend of mine being an active table player suddenly began reading books( he didnít use to do it since his childhood). He started to read not classical masterpieces or since fiction. That was fantasy. But anyway he began READING, and thatísrepparttar 142336 point. Another my friend got used to computer and became a real fan and gamer. Now I constantly see black areas under his eyes and our communication is bothered by a turned on PC. Of course, these are separate examples andrepparttar 142337 author must admit, he is addicted to computer RPG . But nevertheless itís table RPG which gives usrepparttar 142338 opportunity to communicate and improve. That Ďs what allrepparttar 142339 authorís life experience tells about.

P.S. Iím ready to an open discussion ofrepparttar 142340 topic. You are free to write your thoughts to me. Byrepparttar 142341 way, an interesting question: does anybody seerepparttar 142342 opportunity to combinerepparttar 142343 two kinds of RPG described above? What if there isrepparttar 142344 golden mean? What if there is?

About the Author-Efimov Peter is a game designer of White Elephant, a great collection of shareware games. Please, visit his site www.elephant-games.com for only best games for you and your children!

Beat The Summer Heat - What Size A/C Should You Buy

Written by Donald Grummett

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Which isrepparttar best room for placement of an air conditioner?

Wherever it givesrepparttar 142293 most comfort is where it should be installed. If you only have one air conditioner then we usually suggestrepparttar 142294 bedroom. This is because most people find that if they can sleep comfortably during a hot summer night then their next days work will be a lot easier. Getting through a hot day at work becomes a lot easier when you know you will sleep comfortably that night.

Some people do not like a cool sleeping environment so they will tend to place it in a living room or family room. Or some people will place it inrepparttar 142295 family room becauserepparttar 142296 whole family can sleep there. Get outrepparttar 142297 sleeping bags and turn it into an adventure forrepparttar 142298 young ones. Beats waking up inrepparttar 142299 morning to find a dog, cat, and four kids inrepparttar 142300 bed with you.

Also window air conditioner can be noisy, which may disturb sleep. Others findrepparttar 142301 drone ofrepparttar 142302 fan actually promotes sleep because allrepparttar 142303 neighbourhood noises are drowned out. Some people sayrepparttar 142304 air conditioner works as well as a sleeping pill

But whichever room you eventually pick donít expectrepparttar 142305 impossible from youíre A/C. It is not meant to cool more than one room or one open area. Air conditioners will not cool other rooms? This is becauserepparttar 142306 blower in a window air conditioner is not very powerful. It is sized to cool one open area, not a number of interconnected rooms. Therefore once again a couple of smaller units may be better for your home than one large unit.

Lastly, remember to properly securerepparttar 142307 air conditioner inrepparttar 142308 window. Once installed a piece of wood to stoprepparttar 142309 window from being lifted up is a good idea. If you have wooden sillsrepparttar 142310 simple addition of a wood screw atrepparttar 142311 top ofrepparttar 142312 raised window (the one you had to raise to installrepparttar 142313 A/C) will only take a minute. Otherwise an intruder could gain access torepparttar 142314 house by liftingrepparttar 142315 window and lettingrepparttar 142316 A/C fall out. This could result inrepparttar 142317 loss of both your valuables andrepparttar 142318 air conditioner.

Copyright 2005 by Donald Grummett. All right reserved. Service manager of MG Appliance Repair Services in Ottawa, Canada. In the trade over 30 years as a technician, business owner, and technical trainer. For more information about appliances including FAQ, Stain guide, Recycling, and Newsletter visit http://www.mgservices.ca

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