ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) : Astrology, Numerology, Telepathy

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

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repparttar universe is an ordered non - spatial program, and stars and planets (in case of astrology) stand out or designed as indicators (rather than cause or source) whose appropriate scientific interpretation could predictrepparttar 127602 future upto certain extent. The inventor of ROS ( Dr Kedar Joshi, i.e. myself) has, through systematic experience, come to believe in (Vedic) astrology and numerology. (Though not sure about telepathy.) Understanding ofrepparttar 127603 NSTP theory is sufficient forrepparttar 127604 understanding of how these occult sciences could be supported byrepparttar 127605 NSTP theory.

The Founder as well as the President of British Superultramodern Scientific Institution (BSSI)

Major Scientific Discoveries foreshadowed in the Old Testament

Written by Terry Dashner

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Secondly,repparttar fact thatrepparttar 127601 earth is of spherical shape is generally considered to be recent knowledge. However, Isaiah 40:22 spoke ofrepparttar 127602 circle ofrepparttar 127603 earth approximately 750 years before Christ. Other statements inrepparttar 127604 Bible also indicate that God revealed this truth long ago. For example, David said that God has removed our transgression from us as far asrepparttar 127605 east is fromrepparttar 127606 west (Ps 103:12). On a spherical surface, east and west are infinitely separated inrepparttar 127607 sense that one can travel indefinitely in either direction without ever attainingrepparttar 127608 other. However, Solomon describedrepparttar 127609 wind as blowing in circuits, first towardsrepparttar 127610 south and then turning towardrepparttar 127611 north. North and south are not infinitely separated as east and west, because a southward traveler on a spherical surface will be heading north after crossingrepparttar 127612 South Pole (David Pyles).

Thirdly consider this: What is man, that thou art mindful of him? andrepparttar 127613 son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower thanrepparttar 127614 angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion overrepparttar 127615 works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea, andrepparttar 127616 beasts ofrepparttar 127617 field; The fowl ofrepparttar 127618 air, andrepparttar 127619 fish ofrepparttar 127620 sea, and whatsoever passeth throughrepparttar 127621 paths ofrepparttar 127622 seas. Matthew Maury (1806-1873) is commonly known asrepparttar 127623 father of oceanography. He was amongrepparttar 127624 first to discover and chart systematic ocean currents. Maury claimed that his research was inspired by Ps 8:4-8 (David Pyles).

Fourthly, in Leviticus 17:11 it says thatrepparttar 127625 ďlife ofrepparttar 127626 flesh is inrepparttar 127627 bloodĒ (KJV). Thatís very interesting because science didnít know aboutrepparttar 127628 properties of blood until centuries after Moses receivedrepparttar 127629 Law from God on Mount Sinai. Every ancient Jew was taughtrepparttar 127630 validity of Godís Word for practical living as well as its spiritual value. Every Jew was taught that Leviticus 17:11 referred torepparttar 127631 life of living creatures. If one drainedrepparttar 127632 blood out of his sacrificial lamb,repparttar 127633 lamb died; therefore,repparttar 127634 blood equaled life. Here again, it was centuries after this Biblical knowledge that blood was discovered by means of science to circulate throughoutrepparttar 127635 human body.

Fifthly, it wasnít untilrepparttar 127636 time of Pasteur that germs were discovered asrepparttar 127637 culprit to spoiling French wine. Pasture eliminatedrepparttar 127638 microbes by ďpasteurizingĒrepparttar 127639 wine. The process is still used today with dairy products. The Old Testament proscribed certain meats as being unclean for human consumption. Today we know that many of these banned meats, if not properly prepared and fully cooked, can sicken or cause death in humans because of bad bacteria.

Time does not permit me to listrepparttar 127640 Bibleís instructions on washing clothing when contaminated by disease and death. Or to list whatrepparttar 127641 Bible says regardingrepparttar 127642 effectiveness of quarantines for diseases andrepparttar 127643 importance of early diagnoses of skin diseases.

The Bible, if itís nothing more than an ordinary ancient book, is certainly unusually accurate in its scientific foreshadowing. I believe thatís because itís more than just an ancient book. It isrepparttar 127644 Holy Word of God with a scientific accuracy long before inductive reasoning was used to challenge what had been unchallenged untilrepparttar 127645 Age ofrepparttar 127646 Enlightenment.

Keeprepparttar 127647 faith. Jesus is our Healer and soon coming King.


Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. Writes short articles for the fun of it.

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