ROBBERY OF FREEDOM:The Ultimate Injustice

Written by Beverly Brabham

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My mother was crying atrepparttar thought ofrepparttar 119300 death penalty, because she knew just how brutal they could be.

The appointed attorney told me thatrepparttar 119301 best thing to do was plead guilty, that it would not affect my nursing license, that there would be no real harm done. I kept asking, where is Waters, let's get him in here and clear this lie up. The attorney said that this was notrepparttar 119302 kind of case where he needed to be present. Boy, was he right,repparttar 119303 railroading was going to take place, regardless ofrepparttar 119304 truth. Of course, there were no facts whatsoever to back any of this.

On transcript beforerepparttar 119305 judge, I stated a few times that I did not want to plead guilty to something I positively did not do. The DA mentioned "tryingrepparttar 119306 case". The judge would say, yeah, we'll try it, and THEN you'll see what you get.

I was so beaten up by them atrepparttar 119307 end ofrepparttar 119308 day, and knowing that I could still be sitting on death row, I pled: "guilty, I guess".

I was immediately taken to jail and was denied an appeal. Their appointed attorney told my mother that if an appeal was allowed, that it would show that he gave ineffective assistance of counsel. My mother told him that is exactly what he gave.

I was in jail for 17 days with no bond and no appeal.

My parents got an attorney and he talked torepparttar 119309 judge. Judge Robertson suspendedrepparttar 119310 sentence in July 1996. I was to enter a treatment program. (totally unrelated to a stalking charge). I applied to one or two of them, and going to one never materialized. I refused to contactrepparttar 119311 court to let them know. I just went home and started living life. I avoided and hid from them, but nothing else occurred.

Judge Robertson was forced to leave office in October 1996. He was addicted to Cocaine and had stolen thousands of dollars fromrepparttar 119312 County. Judge Gaither took office. In April 1997 to endrepparttar 119313 case, he ordered a 28 day treatment program. I completed that successfully and he endedrepparttar 119314 sentence. He knew it was due to corruption. He was an honest judge and came into a mess to clean up. THERE, THE CASE WAS OVER, May 1997

Judge Gaither let it be known torepparttar 119315 locals, that he would go byrepparttar 119316 law, and that he wasn't there to make anyone rich. Needless to say, he wasn't very well liked byrepparttar 119317 DA and others ofrepparttar 119318 court.

In January, 1999,repparttar 119319 locals supportedrepparttar 119320 election of a judge who would puppet for them, Burt Smithart. He is very young and followsrepparttar 119321 orders ofrepparttar 119322 DA. I was arrested for a misdemeanor public intoxication in March 1999, 100 yards from my house.

It was adjudicated by Municipal Court, fine paid, and one year probation ordered.

Eight days later,repparttar 119323 D.A. Whigham sent me a summons to court. He claimed that he wanted to revokerepparttar 119324 stalking charge. It had ended two years earlier and he was aware of that fact.

I was ordered to court on April 2, 1999 forrepparttar 119325 probation revocation of stalking. There WAS no probation to revoke and Judge Gaither had written an affidavit saying so, thatrepparttar 119326 case had expired.

Judge Gaither was ignored by Judge Smithart and I was put in jail there for one week before being taken to prison.

I was literally re-sentenced on an expired case. My family went torepparttar 119327 Attorney General's office, talked with an underling of his, and nothing was done on my behalf.

A hearing was held in August of 1999, and Judge Gaither testified under oath there, thatrepparttar 119328 case expired and that he did not order any probation. His testimony was lied about byrepparttar 119329 D. A. Whigham.I filed a state habeas corpus in October 1999 and to this day, it has been ignored.

I filed a Federal Habeas Corpus in November 1999. The Magistrate Judge, John Carroll, made it a full blown case. He wrote two orders torepparttar 119330 court and two order to me to answer. He resigned as magistrate judge in June 2001. The Magistrate Judge who was assignedrepparttar 119331 case, dismissed it in August 2001, as being out of statute of time. There was definitely a weisel inrepparttar 119332 wood pile!!!

Double jeopardy stands alone, sui generis, and I had filed inrepparttar 119333 mandatory one year statute of time. A dismissal for 'out of statute of time' is done summarily, and this case had gone on for two and a half years!

In January 2001 I was called back to that court for probation consideration. The end of this double jeopardy was to be April 10, 2001. The DA requested 5 years, but Judge Smithart said he'd order 3 years, if I chose to takerepparttar 119334 probation. The Judge said, you can go back until April 10, 2001 and completerepparttar 119335 sentence or takerepparttar 119336 probation. (the law states that it isrepparttar 119337 persons unfettered right to complete a sentence in confinement or elect to take probation). Knowing ofrepparttar 119338 hatred for me and my family, I elected to return torepparttar 119339 'hell' and be through with them.

I was released on April 10, 2001.

On April 13, 2001 my mother received a phone call fromrepparttar 119340 judge at her home at night. He told her to inform me that I would be on probation for one year. She asked why, that she thought I returned to avoid probation. He said he had made a mistake and hung uprepparttar 119341 telephone.

I calledrepparttar 119342 court clerk and requested an order forrepparttar 119343 probation. I received one inrepparttar 119344 mail. I filed yet another habeas corpus in Federal Court, alleging double jeopardy again.

The second sentence, by Judge Smithart, forrepparttar 119345 expired case was on April 2, 2001. I was not present nor was I represented at that sentencing.

The third sentence forrepparttar 119346 same case was on April 13, 2002 and I was not present nor was I represented at it either.

I recently requested that Federal Court reconsiderrepparttar 119347 second sentence forrepparttar 119348 same case, which robbed me of two years of my life.

It was denied by Federal District Court. Federal Circuit Court vacated that order, and has returned it to Federal District Court for a full remand.

The third sentence forrepparttar 119349 same case,repparttar 119350 probation ordered in April 2001 is still pending an evidentiary hearing in Federal District Court. They ordered me to get all affidavits from witnesses, testimonies, andrepparttar 119351 affidavit from Judge Gaither who endedrepparttar 119352 case in 1997. That is where it is at this point. Bothrepparttar 119353 second and third sentences onrepparttar 119354 expired case are now two separate cases being considered in Federal Court.

(MY comments: There were 3 judges in 3 years. District Attorney Whigham was there duringrepparttar 119355 reign ofrepparttar 119356 three, and he knewrepparttar 119357 truth. He isrepparttar 119358 culprit atrepparttar 119359 core. Hopefully this exposure will bringrepparttar 119360 desperately needed relief that this town needs).


Beverly Brabham

Any and all questions and comments are welcome! Write to Beverly directly at:

I am from a small town in South Alabama, Bullock County, City of Union Springs. I am the victim of the local political corruption that exists in many small towns where thing are done their own way. There is no check and balance, it is everywhere, and society seems to just be indifferent toward it. If my efforts in my own quest for justice help just one other person, that would make it all worthwhile. Sincerely, Beverly Brabham

Social Security Disability FAQ

Written by Sheri R. Abrams, Attorney at Law

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What may be most frustrating about applying for Social Security Disability benefits isrepparttar process itself. Those who apply are often made to feel like they are asking for something that they do not deserve, and nothing could be further fromrepparttar 119299 truth. Social Security Disability is not a welfare program; these benefits are paid for by you and were intended to act as a financial buffer in case you or a family member became seriously ill or injured. Therefore if you are unable to work, but you have been denied benefits, you should appeal.

DO I NEED AN ATTORNEY? You haverepparttar 119300 right to have an Attorney represent you in your Social Security Disability case. Statistics have shown that claimants represented by Attorneys have been much more successful than people without representation. You should seriously considerrepparttar 119301 advantages of having an Attorny represent you by examining what an Attorney would do in your Social Security Disability case.

WHAT WOULD MY ATTORNEY DO TO REPRESENT ME IN MY SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CASE? Every case is different. Your Attorney's role depends onrepparttar 119302 particular facts of your case. However, a few ofrepparttar 119303 things an Attorney may do are: Gather medical and other evidence Analyze your case under Social Security Regulations Contact your doctor and explain Social Security Regulations to obtain a report consistent with those regulations Obtain documents from your Social Security Disability file Ask that a prior application for benefits be reopened Advise you how to best prepare yourself to testify at your hearing Protect your right to a fair hearing by objecting to improper evidence and procedures If you win, make sure thatrepparttar 119304 Social Security Administration correctly calculates your benefits If you lose, request review ofrepparttar 119305 hearing decision byrepparttar 119306 Social Security Administration's Appeals Council If necessary, represent you in a Federal Court review of your case

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY? Most Attorneys who handle Social Security Disability cases will accept them on a contingent fee basis of 25% of past-due benefit or $5,300 whichever is less. That is, there is no fee if you lose, although you will be obligated to pay any out-of-pocket expenses incurred byrepparttar 119307 Attorny in your representation. Such expenses usually involve charges for photocopying and payments to doctors and hospitals for medical records and reports, and other miscellaneous charges. Total expenses usually are less than $100.

WHEN SHOULD I CONTACT AN ATTORNEY? As soon as possible, preferably as soon as your inital application is denied. An Attorney will then be able to start assisting you in determining if you are disabled, as that term is defined byrepparttar 119308 Social Security Act. You will then be able to decide whether or not you want to pursuerepparttar 119309 first appeal stage--Reconsideration; and your Attorney can begin developing ways to prove torepparttar 119310 Social Security Administration that you are disabled.

Attorneys in Social Security Disability cases do much more than sit in at a hearing and ask a few questions. Much pre-hearing preparation, analysis and evidence gathering go into adequate representation for your case. For this reason you should not wait until a week or two before your hearing to contact an Attorney. The earlier an Attorney is able to start working on your case,repparttar 119311 better your chances of winning.

Please note that not all Attorneys practice beforerepparttar 119312 Social Security Administration. You will do best to find an Attorney familiar withrepparttar 119313 complex Social Security Disability regulations andrepparttar 119314 somewhat unusual Social Security Disability procedures.

Sheri R. Abrams is an Attorney who practices Social Security Disability Law in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Ms. Abrams is a graduate of the George Washington University Law School and the Boston University School of Management.

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