Written by John Rocco

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Trust me, you don't want to replace your old aluminum windows with new construction vinyl windows. You want to use eitherrepparttar replacement frame likerepparttar 100100 one used to replacerepparttar 100101 wood sash windows, or something called a retrofit frame , that is popular inrepparttar 100102 west where stucco is a common exterior. Sincerepparttar 100103 procedure for measuring isrepparttar 100104 same regardless ofrepparttar 100105 frame style chosen, this article will discussrepparttar 100106 proper measuring procedure, and future articles will explainrepparttar 100107 difference inrepparttar 100108 installation process for replacement versus retrofit.

If you look atrepparttar 100109 portion ofrepparttar 100110 aluminum frame that goes aroundrepparttar 100111 window opening into your surrounding walls, you will see three separate "legs" that form two pockets. The outside leg andrepparttar 100112 center leg formrepparttar 100113 first pocket. Your screen and stationary panel will be in this pocket. The center leg and inside leg formrepparttar 100114 second pocket, and your sliding panel is in that pocket. Findrepparttar 100115 "leg" that isrepparttar 100116 widest on all four sides. When measuringrepparttar 100117 width, run your tape measure fromrepparttar 100118 widest leg onrepparttar 100119 left torepparttar 100120 widest leg onrepparttar 100121 right. This should berepparttar 100122 narrowest measurement. Then, subtract 3/8" from that measurement. This isrepparttar 100123 width ofrepparttar 100124 replacement window. Measurerepparttar 100125 heightrepparttar 100126 same way. When measuringrepparttar 100127 height, measure as close torepparttar 100128 center ofrepparttar 100129 window as possible. This is especially important on windows wider than six feet, becauserepparttar 100130 top wood header has a tendency to sag over time, makingrepparttar 100131 center ofrepparttar 100132 openingrepparttar 100133 narrowest. You don't need to deduct 3/8" fromrepparttar 100134 height like you did onrepparttar 100135 width. 1/4" is fine. These arerepparttar 100136 dimensions you use when ordering your vinyl window. If you have any picture windows(windows without a vent panel), there will only be two legs and one pocket. You still measurerepparttar 100137 same way.

Next week i will discuss whether your home is a candidate for retrofit frames or replacement frames.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978 To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

Preparing your Home for Showing

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

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Some ofrepparttar most important areas to remember to vacuum arerepparttar 100099 corners of walls (great hiding place for cobwebs),repparttar 100100 tops of your baseboards, picture frames, and window tracks.

I also userepparttar 100101 brush attachment to clean my electronics, likerepparttar 100102 TV, stereo, and computers. Userepparttar 100103 brush attachment to dust all your furniture.

Cleanrepparttar 100104 Windows Now it is time to clean your windows. Clean windows (inside and out) again shows that you have maintainedrepparttar 100105 house well since you lived there. Insiderepparttar 100106 house you can userepparttar 100107 diluted ammonia, and clean like you would normally. Forrepparttar 100108 outside it is a good idea to first userepparttar 100109 garden hose to cleanrepparttar 100110 outside ofrepparttar 100111 window andrepparttar 100112 screen. Dirty screens are a no no. Next remove your screens so they can dry. To cleanrepparttar 100113 outside windows I use a squeegee. If you do not have one you will need to do one extra step. Using a squeegee, I get a bucket of warm water with dish soap in it. Use a rag like you would to wash your car, and washrepparttar 100114 window. After you scrub it userepparttar 100115 squeegee, and be sure to wiperepparttar 100116 blade dry after every swipe. Be sure to wiperepparttar 100117 edges ofrepparttar 100118 window with a different dry cloth thanrepparttar 100119 one you use to dryrepparttar 100120 squeegee. This will ensure a perfectly clean window.

If you do not have a squeegee, then still washrepparttar 100121 window with warm soapy water. Dry off with a separate rag, and then use your diluted ammonia to cleanrepparttar 100122 window like you did insiderepparttar 100123 house.

Now that your windows are clean remember to replacerepparttar 100124 screens once they are dry.

Vacuuming your home Now thatrepparttar 100125 windows are clean, it is time to vacuumrepparttar 100126 floor. Everyone loves to see vacuum marks onrepparttar 100127 carpet. The best way to keep them in tact is to start vacuuming inrepparttar 100128 opposite corner ofrepparttar 100129 door, so you can exitrepparttar 100130 room without stepping onrepparttar 100131 rest ofrepparttar 100132 carpet. This is hard to accomplish in a room like your living room, but dorepparttar 100133 best you can.

Your house is now clean and organized, and almost ready to show.

Completing your work of art There are just a few more things to do before you show your house. First thing you will want to do is open your drapes and blinds, so there is a lot of light inrepparttar 100134 house. Also turn onrepparttar 100135 lights in every room, even if there is a window in that room. If you have ever been in a model home you will notice that they do this as well. Lots of light makesrepparttar 100136 home more inviting and cheery. The final thing you will need to dorepparttar 100137 morning you are showing your home is bake chocolate chip cookies. Remember you are painting a picture here, andrepparttar 100138 sense of smell is closely tied to memory. "Oh yarepparttar 100139 house withrepparttar 100140 cookies," it whatrepparttar 100141 buyers will remember.

You have now been armed with allrepparttar 100142 tools and tips you need to make your homerepparttar 100143 easiest to sell.

Adem Martin del Campo is the owner of Las Vegas Home For Sale by Owner, and knows the business of buying and selling homes. Visit his site today:

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