Written by Sunnie Ford

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IF YOU ARE CURIOUS AND WANT TO LEARN MORE AND TASTE THIS COFFEE, GO HERE: 1-888-793-9888 and listen in to recording. Ask for a catalog & sample at this site: Call Sunnie at 719-574-6121 in Colorado for more information.

Sunnie Ford has been drinking "Reishi Coffee" since the end of July, 2004 and recommends this delicious coffee to anyone within kidding!!!

What is VoIP?

Written by Carl Haavaldsen

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a VoIP platform, and then converts back to voice atrepparttar receiving end ofrepparttar 113239 communication exchange. There is no delay in conversations / communications with 3WTel VoIP. Leading telecom experts are projecting that 75% ofrepparttar 113240 world’s communications will be done on VoIP withinrepparttar 113241 next several years.

My background is IT (Information Technology) which I had been involved in for 18 yrs. I lost my job due to downsizing in December of 2003, and thought that it was time to leave the Corporate world and pursue online technology.

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