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You will need a microphone and a bit of practice reading to make sure you dorepparttar best you can. I used a cheap sound machine to put in a few crickets (roughly $20 at Walmart) because I was reading a night scene. I call them evil crickets becauserepparttar 125076 scene involved vampires, but that's besiderepparttar 125077 point.

I would suggest picking a small dramatic passage, one you feel comfortable reading. Shut yourself in a quiet room if possible because it will take a number of "takes" to get it right and it is amazing how recording can be a cue forrepparttar 125078 dog to start barking. Size can be an issue. Wav files are fairly large--a bit over a meg--for even a minute worth of reading. You can convert it to Mp3 to save a bit on size. For mine I picked a very short passage and got it to about 500k.

Once you have your sound byte, upload it to your webpage so readers can download it and listen. Or ask your publisher to place it as a download with your book listing on their store site.

For those who would like to hear my Mp3 sample, surf on over to and check out my listing for THE DARK RIDERS. Or alternately, surf to my personal webpage, and download a wav sample.

Howard Hopkins is the author of six horror and western ebooks from Atlantic Bridge Publishing ( under his own name and more than twenty print westerns under the penname Lance Howard. His novels can be purchased at, and and he lives in Maine.

Instant Profits with Cross Promotion

Written by Terry Telford

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For example, I have a members only list for my Massive Passive Advertising Machine team When I boughtrepparttar PopUp Generator software, which came with resale rights, I sent a quick mail to my MPAM team and presto, I sell a few copies ofrepparttar 125075 PopUp Generator

Nowrepparttar 125076 MPAM team members who boughtrepparttar 125077 PopUp Generator are also included in my customer list. The next item that I purchase with resale rights will be announced to both of these lists. It's a never ending chain of guaranteed sales.

It's not a complicated process, and it certainly isn't rocket science. It just takes a little initiative, a pinch of creativity and a drop of energy to make it work. Include this technique in your marketing toolbox and your sales will improve. Guaranteed!

Good luck and God Bless.

Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook, Website Ladder, and the founder of bpc publishing, your resource center for quality online marketing and traffic tools. Visit today!

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