Written by Irvin l. Rozier

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The pecan I cracked andrepparttar Vietnam war hero had two things in common...they were beautiful onrepparttar 136967 outside, but were rotten onrepparttar 136968 inside...both were fakes. There are many "Christians" or "Church goers" who fall inrepparttar 136969 same category. They look real, act real, but have never accepted Jesus in their heart. Man looks atrepparttar 136970 outward appearance, but God looks atrepparttar 136971 heart. Are you a real Christian or are you a fake?

Irvin L. Rozier

author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired US Army

Why Cardinal Ratzinger Chose the Name Pope Benedict XVI

Written by Henry Yao

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Asrepparttar new Pope in a seemingly chaotic and confused age we live in today, Benedict XVI hopes thatrepparttar 136905 Church may contribute significantly in attaining reconciliation and harmony between peoples of different creed, ideology, race and economic status.

The name Benedict also brings to mindrepparttar 136906 extraordinary figure ofrepparttar 136907 great reformer of Europe, St. Benedict. This remarkable man, throughrepparttar 136908 Benedictine Order which he founded, exercised an enormous influence onrepparttar 136909 spread of Christianity throughoutrepparttar 136910 European continent.

Pope Benedict XVI is appealing to St. Benedict to helprepparttar 136911 present-day Church make Christ's teachings occupy central position inrepparttar 136912 hearts of all Christians. The Pope is well aware that to solverepparttar 136913 enormous problemsrepparttar 136914 Church is facing today, he would needrepparttar 136915 tenacity and gutsiness of Benedict XV andrepparttar 136916 charm and influence of St. Benedict.

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